Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 – Renewal status, Release date, and updates

Ever since the third season was launched back in August 2022, fans have been looking forward to the fourth season of Dota which is officially titled “Dota: Dragon’s Blood”. Getting served three seasons in just a matter of a few months, specifically, that of an anime is truly astounding. With the high possibility of a sequel on the cards, here’s what we know about the show’s comeback.

Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 4:  Is it Renewed? 

The hit popular animated series on Netflix has garnered a massive fan base across the globe. Produced by Studio Mir and Kaiju Boulevard, which are owned and handled by Ashley Miller. The saga of the series is loaded with intricate twists and turns. From disputes over the series of power to fights over almost every petty thing. The return of Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 is without a doubt on your watch list.

As of this writing, the giant streamer hasn’t said a word on Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4. The show is yet to be officially renewed or canceled by Netflix. But clearly, fans are certainly anxious about the renewal of the animated show. However, we have high hopes that the show will be renewed because the much-awaited season 4 is on the streamer’s forthcoming series list. So hopefully, we get some sort of official updates from the showrunners concerning the renewal of the show very soon.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 Release Date: When is it Premiering? 

With the possibility of the show returning with a brand new season, fans are overjoyed and anxious to learn the air date of Dota: Dragon’s Blood season 4. With each day passing by, we’re getting utterly impatient and restless to catch a glimpse of the upcoming saga of Dota: Dragon’s Blood! But till now, we haven’t gotten any official information about the renewal of the show. Hence, there’s no specific air date for now. If the show follows the usual release timeline, it is expected the fourth season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood might be out sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Cast & Characters of The Show

Because this is an animated series, various artists and actors lend their voices to different characters in this show. So if you’re interested to know more about the characters and cast members, it is mentioned below.

  • Yuri Lowenthal in the voice of Davion
  • Lara Pulver voices Princess Mirana
  • Tony Todd in the voice of Slyrak
  • Troy Baker voices the Invoker
  • Freya Tingley will voice Fymryn
  • Josh Keaton will voice Bram
  • Kari Wahlgren in the voice of Luna
  • Alix Wilton Regan voices Selemene
  • Stephanie Jacobsen voices Dry
  • Anson Mount in the voice of Kaden
  • Matthew Waterson in the voice of Captain Frühling
  • JB Blanc voices Terrorblade
  • Doug Bradley will voice Viceroy Kashurra
  • Julie Nathanson will voice Rylai
  • Victoria Atkin will voice Lina

What is The Plot For Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4?

Plot details for Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 is not known but it is expected that the next season will be filled with more adventures and actions.

If you still haven’t watched this amazing show, it’s available on Netflix. Go watch now! 

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