Who is Andi Rock? All about her Life, Family and more

We all know Chris Rock, who came to the media attention after Will Smith slapped him for making a joke about his wife, Jade Smith. What was your stance on that incident, though? Share your views below in the comment section after reading about his sister, Andi Rock.

Andi Rock – Chris Rock’s Sister!

Andi Rock, 37, was born on March 19, 1985. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York (like most of her other siblings), she’s the youngest in the family. 


Andi’s father is Julius Rock. He worked as a delivery man for newspapers and was a truck driver. When Andi was 3 years old, she lost his father. He had an ulcer and passed away in 1988. 


She grew in the shadows of her mother. Dedicating her life to treating autistic children, Andi Rock pursued psychology and became a therapist. 


She is the only younger sister of Chris Rock, the famous stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, and director.

Good, healthy, and storable body – Andi Rock is beautiful. 

Andi Rock has a good, healthy, and storable body. She goes to the gym regularly and it’s her favourite place to be. 


Her body measurements aren’t currently available but she’s beautiful, just like her mother. With a bright smile on her face, she’s natural and gorgeous. 

Andi Rock’s Career – a writer, producer, and successful therapist 

Andi Rock is a successful therapist who treats autistic children. She’s dedicated her entire life to this cause. 


However, she isn’t a doctor but a therapist. Many children have autism – and, as per reports, autism has reached several levels. The primary level can be completely treated. Not many are aware of this fact.


Andi Rock is also a social worker and tries to create awareness about autism. 


According to some online sources, Andi Rock is also a writer and producer. However, we could not locate her projects or works on the internet – but we are on it!

Andi Rock is married to Brett Nelson – her long-term boyfriend. 

Andi Rock is married. She walked down the aisle with her long-term boyfriend of 10 years – on November 14, 2020. 


They had a micro-wedding and close friends and families were only invited. We weren’t able to find much details about her previous relationships. She’s a private person and likes to keep things to herself. 


She is a person who wants to stay out of any controversies and scandals.

Many don’t know but she’s a die-hard football fan!

While looking at her instagram, we found out that she’s a die-hard football fan. Check some of her posts down below. 


Andi Rock Net Worth

Andi Rock’s net worth is estimated at around 1 million dollars, as of 2023. She’s a therapist and charges according to the treatment she provides. She also has tie-ups with other hospitals and NGOs. 


Medicine and its related professions anyway are worth a lot of money. So, Andi Rock, being a practitioner makes a decent amount of money. 

Now, where is Andi Rock?


Currently, Andi Rock lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She married to her boyfriend of 10 years in 2020. 


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