Darcy Anne Styles Age: How old is Harry Styles’ Daughter?

From upbeat 80s-style pop tunes to slow ballads, Harry Styles has always been in the talk of Twitter. Fans are always seen discussing his songs, life, and now… his daughter. 


A horrific (is what i’d like to call it) rumour has spread all over the internet that the “As It Was” singer has a daughter named Darcy Anne Styles. Is it really not the same as it was? 


Fans are literally confused. 




Does Harry Styles really have a daughter?

Okay guys, y’all can take a chill 💊  because Harry Styles doesn’t have a daughter YET. The 1D star doesn’t have any children. 


According to fans on Twitter, Darcy is a character from a popular Harry Styles fan fiction story, and not her actual daughter. 


A fanfic is a fictional story written by a fan of a particular musician, actor or celebrity.


In fanfics, fans make up stories about the celebrity, inventing characters such as partners and children. 


Darcy Anne Styles was once written as Harry Styles’ daughter in a fanfic, but the name soon flooded social media!



Harry says he wants to name his future daughter Darcy 

The fanfic namestems from a radio interview where Harry said that he wanted to name his future child Darcy.


A fan asked Harry: “I’ve always wanted to call my first child Darcy and is it true that you want to call your first daughter Darcy too?”


That is actually true, yeah,” the star replied, which inspired Darcy Anne Styles in the fan story.


The interview was from way back in 2012 when he was in One Direction. So, it’s unclear if he still wants to name his daughter Darcy. Cause you know it’s not the same as it was… 


Nonetheless, the name has stuck, and Darcy Anne Styles will forever be the singer’s fake daughter. But but… not his real one, though. 

Harry Styles may not have a daughter but he has a Goddaughter

Although Styles has no confirmed daughter, he does have a goddaughter named. Her name is Ruby Winston, who was featured in his song, “As It Was.”


Winston’s voice could be heard in the song’s first line, saying, “Come on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you”. 


In a previous interview, Styles revealed that the young girl would always call him before bedtime. However, when he missed one call, Winston was not displeased. 


Styles has a good relationship with his girlfriend’s Children

Styles doesn’t have a kid of his own, but he has a pretty good chemistry with kids in general. In fact, in one of his music videos, a father surprised her daughter with Harry Styles concert tickets. The video surfaced on the internet in a matter of a few minutes. 


It turned out that the father and daughter went to the concert and even donned matching outfits. Undoubtedly, it was a memorable moment for the duo.


Styles is also close to his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde’s children. Wilde has two young kids, Otis and Daisy, who she shares with Jason Sudeikis.


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