Young Wallander season 3: Release date, renewal status, and updates

Featuring Adam Palsson in the lead role ( Kurt Wallander), Young Wallander is inspired by Swedish writer, Henning Mankell’s creation, Kurt Wallander. The crime drama series debuted on September 3, 2020, on Netflix, and was received with mixed reviews. With some critics being unimpressed by its modern setting and the older audience finding it difficult to connect with the modern storyline. Despite the criticism, Young Wallander was greenlit for a second installment in November 2020, which launched in February 2022 on the streamer. Now the fans are anxious to know whether the series will return for a third-round or not. At this moment, it is too early to say anything about a potential season 3 of young Wallander since Netflix has not yet made a formal statement about its renewal. Keeping that in mind, here’s everything we know so far about a possible young Wallander season 3:

Release date of Young Wallander season 3

It is not easy to anticipate when the crime drama series will hit the screens again. Nevertheless, looking at the previous release timeline, it is safe to assume that season 4 will be out by 2023 if it gets the go-ahead by late 2022. Young Wallander has no dearth of content material to adapt, so a season three seems inevitable. 

The last seasons consist of six episodes with a run time duration of 41-52 minutes. With that in mind, fans could expect season three to follow the same low-episode count. You may watch the mysteries oF young Waller on Netflix until a new season arrives. 

The Plot of Young Wallander season 3

Season one picked off from the finale episode of season two, thus, we have reasons to think that the possible third part will be a continuation to the season two ends. With that, fans may expect the season to go in several directions while revolving around a new criminal case, suspects, and twists. Additionally, season three may explore more of Kurta and Mona’s relationship, after what happened in the past episodes. However, there is another romantic tale in which the audience may be keen. It is Osei, and senior inspector, Frida Rusk’s romantic bond. While Osei and Kurt may also sort out things with one another, the latter fixes things with Reza, and become more great friends. Although the hype about possible season two is all-time-high, revealing any exact plot details is very hard at this point. So, stay tuned until we get more specifics about the future episodes and plotline. 

The Cast of Young Wallander season 3

Netflix has not confirmed any casting news for season three of Young Wallander, but we will be delighted to see some of the original characters returning to the series. With adam Palsson reprising his role as Wallander, Leanne Best as Frida Rask, Elise Chappel as Mona, Charles Mnene as Bashir “Bash”, and Yasen Atour as Reza Al-Rahman. 

Ben Harris has developed the series, while Berna Levin acts as the series producer. Levin also serves as executive producer on the series along with Jon Mankell, Chris Lunt, and Michael A. Walker. We are not certain as of now if these names will be associated with a potential season three or not. 

Trailer for Young Wallander season 3

A trailer for Young Wallander season 3 is some way off since the series is still awaiting its green signal. But you may check out its previous teaser trailer below:


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