You season 3: Release date, Cast & Plot

The show is based on a book by Caroline Kepnes of the exact name that has gained massive popularity on the streaming giant, Netflix due to its unpredictability and dark plot.


The psychological thriller follows Joe (Penn Badgley) and his extreme obsession with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) who is a bookstore manager. You have two seasons so far and made its debut on Lifetime until Netflix stepped in and decided to pick the show. 


You season 3 renewed by Netflix is expected to release soon. To sum it up, we’ve gathered all the information on the upcoming season. Here’s everything we know regarding You season 3 release date, cast and plot. 


Release date


Filming for You season 3 wrapped up several months back, all we have to do now is to wait for a while to finish with the editing and the arrival of the third season.


As of now, there is no specific date given. However, Netflix made a formal declaration that, You will join alongside Cobra and The Witcher and hit the theatres in Q4. It was also confirmed by Netflix that the show season 3 will premiere in late 2021. Which means it’s closer than you think. Fans can now let out a huge sigh of relief. Phew! 




Some of you might be familiar with the names of the characters while others may not. In the upcoming season, be prepared to see new characters and try remembering their names. Here are the names of the major cast that will be returning to reprise their respective roles and the names of the new cast:


-Penn Badgley (as Joe)

-Victoria Pedretti (as Love)

-Scott Speedman (as Matthew)

-Travis Van Winkle (as Cary)

-Shalita Grant (as Sherry)

-Saffron Burrows (as Dottie)

-Dylan Arnold (as Theo)

-Tati Gabrielle (as Marianne)

-Michaela McManus (as Natalie)

-Shannon Chan-Kent (as Kiki)

-Ben Mehl (as Dante)

-Chris O’Shea (as Andrew)

-Christopher Sean (as Brandon)

-Bryan Safi (as Jackson)

-Mackenzie Astin (as Gil)

-Ayelet Zurer (as Dr Chandra)

-Jack Fisher (as Young Joe Goldberg)

-Mauricio Lara: Friend (as Young Joe)


You season 3 plotline: What to expect


In the previous season of the psychological thriller, it amped up the drama and not following from the book and later introducing us with a surprising character reveal.


Nonetheless, there’s not much information on the upcoming season story yet although Caroline Kepes, the author behind the book from which the Netflix show is based on has completed the third novel of the series. 


In season 3, we’re expecting to see not just love but more things to unveil which we are totally excited about. Show maker Sera Gamble is aiming for Joe to have an even darker future. Poor Joe! In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble spoke on the finale of season 2 and how good things don’t happen for the main character.


Gamble said, “I think to me, the most important thing about that last scene is just confirmation that Joe is still Joe.” She resumed, “In a way that’s not going to be great for Joe.” 


Star Penn Badgley (via TVLine) gave us a big hint that Joe and Love are “not soulmates. He’s afraid of her at the end. Basically, it’s set up for season 3 in a way where they would be each other’s arch-nemesis.” The hint that he gave us will probably have quite an impact to further the storyline of You season 3.


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