Wu Assassins season 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

Are you also one of those people who are keenly awaiting the release of Wu Assassins season 2? If yes, you’re just at the right place. In this post, we will cover all that you need to know about Wu Assassins season 2. 

This article comprises whether or not the show will be renewed for another season; the release date, cast, and plot! Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page or subscribe to us for more information and gossip about the entertainment world. 

Now come along, let’s try and figure out the status of Wu Assassins season 2.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there’s no official confirmation as to whether or not season 2 will hit the screens! That’s right, it’s likely the show might not even be renewed for another season. However, we can’t quite say anything until official notice is issued. 

The star cast members did make some revelations regarding the plot for the sequel, which gives us an idea that season 2 may be released. So, if you are expecting season 2, you will have to wait some more until official announcements are made regarding its renewal or release date. Stay tuned!

Wu Assassins Season 2 Cast

As of this writing, no official cast list has been updated by the showmakers. So, we can’t really tell who all will be featured in the next instalment of the series. Our fair guess is that the previous cast might return. It’s only probable, no? If not all, then most of the previous cast might return. The main protagonist, Kai Jin, would obviously come back. Duh, like the show would make very little sense without the main character.

Thus, if no changes are made in the cast members, the cast for season 2 might comprise:

  • Iko Uwais as Kai Jin
  • Li Jun Li as Jenny Wah
  • Byron Mann as Uncle Six
  • Celia Au as Ying Ying
  • Lawrence Kao as Tommy Wah
  • Tommy Flanagan as Alec McCullough
  • Lewis Tan as Lu Xin Lee
  • Katheryn Winnick as Christine Gavin. 

The recurring star cast is:

  • JuJu Chan
  • Mark Dacascos
  • Cranston Johnson, and 
  • Tzi Ma. 

However, if we receive any information on the potential cast for Wu Assassins season 2, we’ll update y’all in the next post. Till then, stay connected with us!

Wu Assassins Season 2 Plot

Wu Assassins is an action fiction series based on Martial arts and supernatural fiction. The show, basically, revolves around Kai Jin, a young chef working his way out in San Francisco. What happens is he comes across some dangerous ancient powers under the Chinese Triad’s pursuit, known as “Wu Xing”. Thus, after an encounter with a mystical spirit, he becomes the Wu Assassin, employing his martial arts skills to perform supernatural events. 

As for season 2, we reckon that it would start from where season 1 left off. Until an official notice, we can’t quite deduce as to what might happen in the next season. However, the star cast members did make some plot revelations. In an interview with Inverse, Lewis Tan teased that the second instalment will possess more action. “It took a while to break that ground, but once we break it, I feel the show really gets up and running,” Tan said. “We have the backstory set in stone. We don’t have to go there again. We can really run wild with the action; we don’t need to sell the backstory as hard as we did in the [first] series.”

Li Jun Li also affirmed that her character will enter politics. “I don’t think I’m spoiling this because it is spoken about in the last episode,” she said. “I think Jenny gets into politics. We don’t know much about where it can go, but I do know Jenny might go into politics.” 

Celia Au, in an interview with Digital Spy, mentioned: I definitely want to see more about what happened with the other 997 Wu Assassins. In my mind, throughout the years of her failing her mission and seeing her Wu Assassins dying, she becomes less emotional and harder and harder on her Wu Assassins – because she can see the consequences, and she’s seen it all. She doesn’t want it to repeat itself even though it has happened 999 times.”

Wu Assassins Season 2 Trailer 

Adhering to the fact that Wu Assassins season 2’s release date isn’t confirmed yet, there’s no news about the official trailer as well. The trailer isn’t released and it probably won’t arrive for a while now. 

The trailer would, however, be released after a few weeks of the show’s renewal. Then again, a renewal announcement might come with a sort of mini-teaser, but don’t expect any new footage for a while. If we get any information, we’ll share it with you guys. So, stay tuned!

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