Woori The Virgin Season 2: Plot, Release Date, Cast Members, Where to Watch and more!

Woori The Virgin season 2 has not yet been confirmed by the showmakers and producers. As the name suggests,  Korean drama Woori The Virgin is heavily inspired by American TV series Jane The Virgin. We still have not received an official confirmation whether the series will come back for another season or not. 


Will there be a Woori The Virgin Season 2?


Jane The Virgin had a total of 5 seasons. Looking at this pattern, there are probably chances that Woori The Virgin might also make a comeback for another season. But, Jane The Virgin received positive feedback from the audience unlike Woori The Virgin which received poor ratings and reviews from the critics as well as the audience. 


Hence, there can be no official confirmation for Woori The Virgin Season 2 unless we receive one from the makers themselves. 


Woori The Virgin Season 2 Cast 


There is no official confirmation regarding Woori The Virgin Season 2 Cast members but it can be expected that the following actors will reprise their roles:


  • Im Soo-Hyang as Oh Woo-ri
  • Sung Hoon as Raphael
  • Shin Dong-wook as Lee Kang-jae 

There were also the following supporting actors who are expected to make a comeback for season 2:


  • Hong Eun-hee az Oh Eun-ran
  • Ko Joo-hee as young Oh Eun-ran
  • Yeon Woon-kyung as Seo Gwi-nyeo


Woori The Virgin Season 2 Plot 


Woori The Virgin season 1 made us all witness the beautiful marriage between Kang Jae and Woori and fans could not be any more happier for it. Hence, if there is at all going to be a season 2 of the series, we expect the storyline to revolve around the same theme. 


Where to watch Woori The Virgin?


Woori The Virgin is available to watch on the streaming platform Apple Tv+!

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