Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 renewed or cancelled?

The English version of Japanese manga action series ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ is based on the light novel series written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi. ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ initially premiered on the user-generated novel platform Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was later shifted to Enterbrain in November 2022 and gained a huge and popular fanbase amongst the audience.

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‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no official announcement about the renewal status of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2 so far. As of yet, the official show-makers have not yet made a confirmation saying that Japanese light action manga series ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ has been renewed for another season. The only thing that the fans can do is wait for the official announcement from the show-makers.

‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2 Release Date

Sorry to say but we do not have an official release date for ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2. Since ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ season 2 has not yet been officially confirmed, we do not have an official release date for the same. Furthermore, there are very slim chances that the Japanese action manga will be renewed for another installment. This is majorly because the novel series of the same name has not been performing well. This is one of the most major reasons behind the continuation of the series.

If we look at the other side, ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ season 1 performed extremely well and received a lot of positive reviews and ratings from the audience. These positive numbers are good enough for the makers to consider renewing ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ season 2.

‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2 Returning Cast Members

Since there is no official confirmation about the renewal of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2, there is no official confirmation about the returning cast as well. However, the fans are expecting following cast members to return to the series:

  • Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese) and Daman Mills (English) voicing Shin Wolford.
  • Shōhei Komatsu (Japanese) and Brandon McInnis (English) voicing August von Earlshide.
  • Yūki Wakai (Japanese) and Katelyn Barr (English) voicing Maria von Messina.
  • Rina Honnizumi (Japanese) and Lindsay Seidel (English) voicing Sizilien “Sicily” von Claude.
  • Miyu Kubota (Japanese) and Kristin Sutton (English) voicing Alice Corner.
  • Arisa Shida (Japanese) and Morgan Berry (English) voicing Thor von Flegel.
  • Juri Nagatsuma (Japanese) and Morgan Garrett (English) voicing Yuri Carlton.
  • Chiaki Kobayashi (Japanese) and Matt Shipman (English) voicing Tony Freyd.
  • Keisuke Komoto (Japanese) and Jarrod Greene (English) voicing Julius von Littenheim.

Where to watch ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Season 2?

All the episodes of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ are available for the audience to view on Netflix and Hulu.

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