Will we get ‘True to the Game’ 4? Here’s what we know so far

The anticipation for more novels from Teri Woods and the possibility of a True to the Game 4 remains uncertain. While the crime romance TV show, based on Teri Woods’ trilogy, initially aired on December 3, 2021, the future of the series is unclear. The existing three parts have covered material from the books, leaving uncertainty about a fourth edition. In an interview with Collider, director Francis Lawrence discussed Netflix giving him creative freedom to approach the movie in collaboration with the game’s creator.

Is ‘True to the Game’ returning with part 4?

The prospect of additional novels from Teri Woods and the potential for a True to the Game 4 are currently up in the air. Despite the crime romance TV show’s initial airing on December 3, 2021, uncertainty surrounds its future, given that the existing three parts have already covered the book material. Director Francis Lawrence shared in an interview with Collider how Netflix has granted him creative liberty to collaborate with the game’s creator in approaching the movie.

What was ‘True to the Game’ all about?

“True to the Woods” is adapted from Teri Woods’ timeless trilogy and features a compelling crime romance narrative. The plot unfolds within the crime-laden underworld of Philadelphia, focusing on the life of Gena Hollins—a typical girl from the city. Gena’s life takes a significant turn when she becomes involved with Quadir Richards, a drug dealer. Initially hesitant, Gena is captivated by Quadir’s down-to-earth demeanor, and their relationship becomes a central element of the storyline.

While Teri Woods hasn’t penned the fourth novel of True to the Game, she has discussed her future plans. Despite fans eagerly hoping for a new installment of their favorite series, Woods, in 2013, indicated a consideration for revamping the books rather than expanding the franchise. It’s important not to set overly high expectations, as the focus seems to be on revitalizing the existing material.


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