Will there be Goliath season 5 or not?

Goliath is a critically acclaimed legal drama series by Amazon Studios. It made its first appearance in October 2016 on Amazon Prime video, followed by three sequent seasons. Its fourth installment aired in September after a long wait of two years off the strength of production delays. With the release of its fourth part, the story of Goliath marked its end. The fans around the globe experienced a bittersweet moment on the premiere of Goliath season four. 

To date, viewers globally are clamoring for the fifth season of this popular legal drama series, which has left its mark in the hearts of millions. So, what is the fate of Goliath? Is there more to it or we would never see Billy McBride putting his heart and soul into seeking justice in the courtroom? To know the answer, stick with us till the end. 

Goliath Season 5 Release date: When will it drop?

Amazon renewed the series for a fourth installment in 2019 and the order also announced the closure of the series. Currently, the streaming platform has got no plans to reverse its decision. With that said, the fifth part of Goliath is highly unlikely. But if the fans get lucky, other streaming platforms might pick up the series for another season, however, it might be a long way off. 

Seasons one to four of Goliath are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. Each season comprises 8 episodes with a total number of 32 episodes of all four seasons. In case you missed this masterpiece, you can catch it up on the streamer. 

Goliath Season 5 Plot: What to expect?

Goliath follows the story of Billy McBride, a well-known advocate in the town. He is known for fighting his way off to get the sinners behind the bars. However, an unfortunate incident turns his life upside down. Each season comes up with solid cases and even more intriguing reports. Sadly, we will miss seeing McBride on the screens. McBride himself (played by Billy Bob Thornton), has said in an interview that he had a four-season contact with the showrunners, and ending the series was the right thing to do. When asked about his character, Thornton said that all this while, McBride was discovering himself and his desires. He thought he wanted things like money, fame, or success but at the end of the series, he realized that his wants were indeed something different. McBride’s reunion with his daughter, Denise in the closing scenes captured the attention of the viewers, and fans saw a concealed version of Bob’s character. 

If the series ever return for a fifth season, it would be interesting to see more versions of the title character, McBride. 

Goliath Season 5: Who is in the Cast?

Given that the series is being canceled, the cast information makes no sense. Still, we are optimistic that a fifth season might arrive at some point in time in the future. If this happens, we would be delighted to see our favorite characters return for another season. Billy Bob Thornton probably returning as Billy McBride followed by Tania Raymonde as Brittany Gold, Molly Parker as Callie Senate, Joe Littlecrow as Graham Greene, Shamier Anderson as Dario Jones, Marva Jefferson as Julie Brister, Diana Blackwood role as actor Amy Brenneman, Shamier Anderson as Anton Jones, and Deputy District Attorney Hakeem Rashad as Morris Chestnut. 

Goliath is the brainchild of David E. Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro and has garnered positive reviews from viewers across the globe. Although the series ended, we still have many things to look forward such as Billy Bob Thornton’s upcoming projects. Since the 66-year actor is taking up new roles, it would be a pleasure to watch him in different avatars. 

Watch this space to get the latest updates from the world of entertainment. Also, do tell us in the comments about your favorite season/ episode of Goliath. 

Where Will Goliath Season 5 Release?


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