Will there be a Season 6 of Gomorrah?

Gomorrah is an Italian crime TV series created by Roberto Saviano for the network Sky Atlantic and distributed by Sky Vision. The series is inspired by a book penned by Roberto Saviano himself of the exact title. The show aired on Sky Atlantic network in Italy on May 6, 2014, and has released four seasons in total, and the fifth season which is currently airing starting from November 19, 2021, and will last till December 17, 2021. The 2008 Gomorrah film is also adapted from the exact book but it’s unconnected to the show. 

The early five scenes and the ninth scenes are helmed by actor/director Marco D’Amore, who also formerly helmed two scenes of the fourth season of Gomorrah and “The Immortal,” which portrays as an opening act between seasons four and five, while scenes six to eight and ten are helmed by Claudio Cupellini, since the beginning of the show.  

The Cast Members of Gomorrah

Although the series came to an end for good, it wouldn’t have made it this this far or interesting without the brilliant cast of Gomorah. The cast and character of Gomorrah include– 

  • Marco D’Amore played the role of Ciro “l’Immortale” 

  • Salvatore Esposito played character of Gennaro “Genny” Savastano 

  • Fortunato Cerlino portrayed the role of Pietro Savastano 

  • Maria Pia Calzone played the role of Immacolata “Imma” Savastano 

  • Marco Palvetti in the role of Salvatore Conte 

  • Fabio De Caro played the character of Malammore 

  • Cristina Donadio depicted the role of Annalisa “Scianel” Magliocca 

  • Cristiana Dell’Anna played the role of Patrizia Santore 

  • Gianfranco Gallo played the character of Giuseppe Avitabile 

  • Ivana Lotito in the role of Azzurra Avitabile 

  • Arturo Muselli played the role of Enzo “Sangueblù” Villa 

  • Andrea Di Maria played the character of Elia “‘o Diplomato” 

  • Carlo Caracciolo was seen playing as Fernando “‘o Crezi” (Crazy) Capaccio 

  • Loris De Luna played the role of Valerio “o Vucabulà” 

  • Misano Gianni Parisi played the role of Gerlando Levante 

  • Luciano Giugliano portrayed the character of Michelangelo “Mickey” Levante


The Fifth Season Will Be The Last Season Of Gomorrah

In September 2021, the fifth season was revealed as the final outing of the series. According to the senior director Sky Italia Nils Hartmann stated, “there is a before and after Gomorrah.”

Although fans have been looking forward to the fifth season only to be surprised to learn that the series will no longer continue after the fifth season. Ever since the show came out in 2014, it has sold to around 190 countries. Gomorrah became an instant hit in the US and the European Union. 

Why There Won’t Be a Season 6 of Gomorrah

The series has reached its culmination, with the fifth season currently airing on HBO Max in the US. 

Story-wise, the last season carries its two major characters Marco D’Amore (as Ciro Di Marzio), and Salvatore Esposito (as Gennaro Savastano aka Genny), and their twisted ways to outrageous outcomes. 

“More than anybody else in the series, these two [characters] have embodied the spirit of its narrative,” stated director Claudio Cupellini, who has been serving as one of the core directors since the start of the series. 

D’Amore and Esposito are “almost brothers, friends, enemies by turn. And both caught in their own perpetual fight for self-affirmation, for survival; for the biggest share; for power,” Cupellini added. 

Producer Riccardo Tozzi, also disclosed that the sole reason for the series achievements is because Gomorrah deeply focused on Italy’s idealist tradition which “we advanced by adding genre codes and conventions that made it international.”

Executive Producer Gina Gardini explained: “The starting point, especially for the head writers, was always to do an in-depth investigation and then build our story around that, the beauty of this long process, which has lasted for years, is that together with this powerful reality, this exclusively evil point of view, we also managed to build characters that are so meaty, so monstrously beautiful.”

Series creator and writer Roberto Saviano all added: “It’s not just about criminal power, or about family, or violence.”

What’s more amazing is that the series has served us with five incredible seasons and the time has come where the series reached its culmination. The whole Gomorrah seemed to have made up their minds, indeed the time has finally arrived to say goodbye to the show, rather than extending the story for solely marketable purposes.

As producer Riccardo Tozzi said, “The idea was to die while we are still alive, maintaining the show’s narrative energy at its peak.”

So there you go, there won’t be the sixth season of Gomorrah.

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