Will there be a Season 5 of Backyard Builds?

Is “Backyard Builds” returning with the fifth season? Has the show been canceled or renewed? When is it coming out? To find out, we have compiled everything about the upcoming season below. Read till the end to find out!

First and foremost, “Backyard Builds” is a reality series that is based in Canada and deals with house renovations. It was originally launched on April 6, 2017 on HGTV. The show is hosted by Sarah Keenleyside, a designer, and Brian McCourt, a contractor. The series revolves around the duo rebuilding and renovating house-owners’ backyards into more creative and adaptable outdoor living areas.

In 2018, the “Backyard Builds” series earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination in the category of Best Lifestyle Program or series. The series has so far produced four seasons in total.

Backyard Builds plot and series overview

When there is not enough indoor space, “Backyard Builds” displays the unlimited options outdoor spaces can contribute. Brian and Sarah work with house-owners to possibly extend their backyard by establishing tailored, transforming into unique structures. There’s nothing that the duo at the Backyard Builds can’t do. Their magic hands work like wonders and literally transform, build, extend, and renovate any living areas.

Will Backyard Builds be back with the 5th season?

Currently, HGTV has not canceled or renewed the series for a fifth season. It’s hard to predict the prospect of the show but knowing that the show has neither been canceled nor renewed indicates that there is still hope for the series to return with another season run. 

Backyard Builds Season 5 Release Date: When is it?

The first season was released on April 6, 2017, consisting of eight episodes. The second was launched on March 28, 2019, consisting of fourteen episodes. The third season aired on April 16, 2020, consisting of eleven episodes. Finally, the most recent season which is the fourth premiered on April 15, 2021, and concluded on May 20, 2021. 

Here’s the list of episodes for the fourth season–

  • Episode 1: Comfy Campground   
  • Episode 2:    Nana’s Wonderland   
  • Episode 3:    Country Supper Club & Coop
  • Episode 4:    Gentlemen’s Gym   
  • Episode 5:    Luxury Staycation   
  • Episode 6:    Parisian Pieds-A-Terre   
  • Episode 7:    Creative Lounge   
  • Episode 8:    DJ’s Den

Coming back to the fifth season’s release date, there is no specific air date at the moment. It is yet to be announced. However, the viewers can expect to see the new episodes by the end of this year or in mid-2023 at the earliest.

The Hosts of Backyard Builds

Brian McCourt and Sarah Keenleyside have been serving as the show’s hosts since the beginning. Let’s find out more about them shall we?

  • Brian McCourt

Brian McCourt is a certified contractor, a professional designer, and a real estate investor. He is currently serving as a co-host of the home renovations reality series Backyard Builds on Canada’s HGTV. Brian also appeared in “Home To Win” and “Family Home Overhaul.”

  • Sarah Keenleyside

Sarah Keenleyside is a professional designer and she is exceptionally well-known for constructing distinct and innovative settings customized to the personality and choice of her clients.

Where was Backyard Builds filmed?

All the episodes of Backyard Builds were filmed in real-life places and locations of homes in Toronto, Canada. Since the show is a Canadian-based television series, the backyards that they renovated in the show are real. The actual filming took place with the real house-owners. With the professionals duo of Brian and Sarah, all the house-owners are contemptuous about their backyard renovations.

To sum it up, Backyard Builds is eager to proceed with the show with new seasons. The squad is also looking for more projects that have to do with backyard makeovers to take over mainly in Toronto, Canada. The squad is even ready to travel 50 miles around Toronto. It’s about time they bring back the show with the fifth season.


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