Will our unanswered questions be answered with ‘The Changeling’ Season 2?

We still are unaware of the fact that whether or not ‘The Changeling’ Season 2 will ever happen or not but the showrunner has made one thing clear that if a season 2 has any potential then it will tie up all the loose ends that were left hanging in the season 1 finale.

One of the most thriller horror series ever, ‘The Changeling’ focuses on the story of Apollo, Emma and their baby Brian. Emma has been the perfect wife and the mother up until one day. One day, she commits the horrific crime of chaining up her husband and killing her baby Brian.

Why would she kill her own baby? What led her to commit this horrific crime?

The rest of the plot answers all of these questions and unravels a series of mysteries on the way.

Will we get to see ‘The Changeling’ Season 2?

Showrunner and executive producer Kelly Marcel have not yet made an official announcement concerning ‘The Changeling’ Season 2. Although, she did say that if there is a potential season 2 of ‘The Changeling’ underway then it will answer all the mysteries and the questions that were left unanswered in the season 1 finale. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Marcel said that ‘The Changeling’ Season 2 will pick it up from where the season 1 left us. She said:

“If there is a season two, which we obviously hope there is, we would continue the story from where we left, but you will also be taken back. Season one was a setup of a lot of questions, and season two is the answer to all of those questions. There’s so many secrets and Easter eggs and hidden things in the show that I’m sure people haven’t seen. I’m surprised at how many people are not seeing that there’s something in the water. Every time you see the water, there’s something in the water. But we’ll go back and have a look, and then we’ll answer all those.”

However, we cannot be even a tiny bit certain about ‘The Changeling’ Season 2 because Apply TV+ has cancelled several shows and we never know if our thriller mystery goes under the bus with the rest.

‘The Changeling’ Season 2 Expected Returning Cast Members

If ‘The Changeling’ Season 2 hits the screens, then we can expect the following actors to reprise their mysterious roles:

  • Clark Backo playing Emma.
  • LaKeith Stanfield playing Apollo Kagwa
  • Adina Porter playing Lillian.
  • Jared Abrahamson playing Brian West.
  • Alexis Louder playing Young Lillian.
  • Samuel T Herring playing William Wheeler.
  • Malcolm Barrett playing Patrice.

Where will the story pick up from?

‘The Changeling’ Season 1 revolves around the fairy tale love story of Emma and Apollo until one fine day when Emma mysteriously vanishes after murdering their baby Brian. ‘The Challenging’ Season 2 will more likely focus on the continuation of the story of Emma and Apollo and more revelations that come on their way. Apollo has had a troubled childhood and now when he has become a father himself, he wants to be the best version.

One day Emma chains up Apollo, murders their baby and vanishes. Season 2 will have many questions to answer and theories to conclude.


Stay tuned with us to get official updates on ‘The Changeling’ Season 2!!

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