Wi Ha Joon to join the star cast of new drama ‘Little Women’

Wi Ha-joon, famously known for playing the role of police officer Hwang Jun-ho in Netflix’s Squid Game, will be seen next in the new drama “Little Women.”


The actor will be starring alongside previously announced cast members who will be portraying as the three sisters by Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hu who are called Oh In-joo, In-kyung, and In-hye respectively.


According to the plot summary by AsianWiki Staff ©, “Three sisters get involved in a case that leads them to fight against the richest and most influential family in South Korea.


Oh In-Joo (Kim Go-Eun) is the oldest sister. She grew up in a terribly poor environment and she is still poor. Since she was a young child, she realized that money was the most important thing to protect herself and her family. Her dream is to live an ordinary life like other people. She gets involved in a case that could change her life.


Oh In-Kyung (Nam Ji-Hyun) is the middle sister. She is an enthusiastic reporter at a news station. She believes in doing the right things. She also has always been poor, but money doesn’t rule life. She now begins to dig into a mysterious case that she first faced when she first became a reporter.


Oh In-Hye (Park Ji-Hu) is the youngest of the three sisters. She is a student at a prestigious arts high school and she has a natural talent for painting. She often feels her two older sisters’ love for her is too much.”


Meanwhile, Wi will be portraying consultant Choi Do-il, a charming, logical man who one day encounters In-joo, the eldest sister In-joo during the incident. “Little Women” will be helmed by Kim Hee-won (Vincenzo, The Crowned Clown) and is being penned by Jung Seo-kyung. 


In Wi’s previous interview, he explained the reason for deciding on the drama, the actor said, “It’s an honor to participate in this project. Choi Do Il is a figure with a charm that makes you want to know more and more about what kind of person he is. I really wanted to act as him.” He proceeded, “After reading the entire [script], I even said to myself, ‘This is awesome.’ The lines, which gave me many thoughts, allowed me to immerse myself into the story. I felt that it was incredible as expected.”


Wi also said, “Choi Do Il has a fast-churning brain, strong sense of judgement, level-headedness, and physical abilities. He doesn’t waver no matter the situation, so it is difficult to tell what he is thinking. While acting as Choi Do Il, I tried to emphasize the subtle variations in his expressions and gazes.”


“Little Women” officially premiered on September 3, 2022, on tvN. New episodes will be out every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 (KST). The drama is also available to stream on Netflix.

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