Why we never got ‘The Losers’ sequel?

‘The Losers’ is a Warner Bros. Adaptation of the original comic book of the same name. It is an American action film that was released in 2010 and was directed by Sylvain White. Today’s generation might be unaware of the fact that ‘The Losers’ was one of the best movie adaptations of a comic book and was the greatest in its era.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short, Jason Patrick, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, and Idris Elba, ‘The Losers’ was released worldwide in over 2930 theatres on 23rd April 2019. However, the movie did not perform as well as expected and garnered a box office collection of only $29 million and this is also one of the main reasons why we never got a sequel of ‘The Losers’.

Why didn’t ‘The Losers’ 2 happen?

Low Box Office Collection

The most important reason behind not making a sequel to the comic adaptation was that the movie was a super flop at the box office despite hiring a star cast and doing everything right in the production. The movie earned only a total of $29.4 million and the budget for the same was $25 million.

Though the comic book was not that famous at the time of the movie adaptation, the makers did a great job by hiring famous and well-known actors, including actors like Chris Evans, Idris Elba, and Zoe SaldaƱa from the MCU Universe.

Warner Bros and the producers agreed to send a budget of $25 million for the comic book adaptation. This meant that the movie had to garner a box office collection of somewhere between $75-$100 million to qualify for a sequel. Unfortunately, the movie only collected a total of $29.4 million.

Allegedly Poor Marketing Strategy by Warner Bros.

Movie star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in an interview with Fandom, had also allegedly claimed in an interview that the marketing strategy used by Warner Bros while promoting the movie was very poor and it didn’t do justice to the action and comedy aspects of the movie. However, we think it’s the opposite. The trailer of the movie and the marketing strategy used by Warner Bros did absolute justice to the action as well as comedy sequences in the movie. The possible reason behind ‘The Losers’ underperformance is that the movie’s release date was in indirect clash with several other huge movies, namely: WB’s ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘Iron Man 2’.

Do we still have a chance to get ‘The Losers’ sequel?

The chances of getting a sequel to ‘The Losers’ are unimaginably slim and low right now. Even though the star cast of the movie might be able to drive in a larger audience base as compared to then, Warner Bros. would still not be willing to take up that huge of risk about the movie not performing well, AGAIN!

This is because of only one major reason, i.e., the star-studded cast has peaked in their careers and if they were to return to the movie for another sequel, then they would be charging unimaginably high amounts for the same. WB is highly likely to not take up the risk of investing a huge amount and facing a majestic loss at the box office.

Were there talks of ‘The Loser’ series?

As reported by Knight Edge Media, there were several talks where Amazon was considering bringing back ‘The Losers’ outline through the way of a series. Amazon was planning to continue the sequel of the movie with the series while taking Jeffrey Dean Morgan on board as ‘Clay’. However, it’s been almost two years since this news made rounds and we still haven’t heard an official word about the so-called ‘The Losers’ series in the development process.


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