Why Are So Many People In The World Glued To Social Media?

Only a handful of folks will not agree that social media ranks amongst the most influential tools in the entirety of the planet we all call Earth. According to much research that has been performed very recently in the past year or two, there are more or less four billion people living on this planet. For the purpose of giving you a perspective, there are about eight billion people living on the face of this planet. This means that half of the human global population is a social media user.  But in the case that this stat does not convince you that social media is hugely significant, let us tell you another one: the average social media user uses social platforms for more than two hours on average each and every day! This generates a question that is represented in the topic of this article itself – why are so many people in the world glued to social media? The answer lies in the fact that social media offers people many benefits. The most significant ones are not only enlisted but also elaborated upon in the paragraphs below:

Opportunity For Creating Wealth

There are several gigs that may very well be performed through social media to ensure that enough money is in one’s pockets for themselves and their dependents. First of all, you can online tutor people who you have befriended on social media platforms. You will perform this through video calling. Video calling does however require a good internet connection. In the case that your current internet is not up to the mark, we would suggest switching your internet supplier as soon as possible. We suggest going for the Xfinity Internet; Comcast Xfinity is known for ensuring a fast and reliable connection. You can also promote the tutoring business or any other business for that matter on social media. In fact, social media marketing has become one of the most frequently mentioned tools in the world. The platforms that are used for the marketing of this nature include LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also pay social media companies to feature the advertisements of your product or service on social media users’ feeds. The best thing about this kind of advertisement is that it can be targeted at a certain sector of the population. For example, in the case that you are a business owner of a make-up business based in San Francisco, you can tell Facebook to show your advertisement only to women in San Francisco significantly reducing your costs in comparison to the case in which you would have had to pay for advertising to the entire Facebook user base! Not only are business owners glued to social media because of all the financial opportunities but the people they are selling to are also glued to social media.

We Are Able To Keep In Touch

There were moments when you thought you’d never be able to talk to your college mates ever again after graduation. You knew there would be no way to find the time or means to visit each of your thousand classmates distributed across the globe. The same was true with relatives that were distant from you. However, now things are different as everything has been altered as a result of the phenomenon we all call social media. People may now opt to receive information about anybody they know, no matter how far they are by just checking out their Facebook stories and other social media platforms. In addition, they may connect with any of these persons using instant messaging tools provided by these social media platforms. For example, Facebook – arguably the largest social platform in the world – has an instant messaging app, Facebook Messenger. Communication can be performed over these apps in the form of not only messages but also calls and video chats! 

Avenues To Learn

Another reason people are glued to social media is that it provides a lot of opportunities for people to get an education. We are sure you would have seen countless educational posts on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. These posts not only educate through pieces of writing but also video content as video is said to be much more engaging than written content.


We are optimistic this post has helped you get a better idea of why people are glued to social media.

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