When is Ganglands season 2 coming out and all you need to know?

The streaming giant, Netflix dropped one of its French crime thriller series, which goes by the name Ganglands, also known as Braqueurs on 24th September 2021. With a short span, the series became a smash hit among the audience worldwide. Ganglands focuses on deadly wars between drug lords and is packed with high-octane action performances. Ever since its first installment debuted, viewers are clamoring for another season. Disappointingly, there is no official word about the renewal of Ganglands, which brings us to an obvious question, “is Ganglands part two is even happening? To know the answer and more details about a potential follow-up to Ganglands, read on:

Ganglands season 2 Release date: When will it premiere? 

Season two of Ganglands has not yet been confirmed by the creators. Nonetheless, we do not see a reason why a sequel to this crime thriller is not on the records. Given that the show drew decent viewership numbers and critics ratings, Ganglands season two might be picked up for a sequel by the end of 2021. If that happens, our best speculation is that Season two of Ganglands will be released sometime in 2022, or perhaps till early 2023. However, an official announcement from the showrunners is still awaited, so wait with patience until we update this space with more specifics. 

Gangalnds part one consists of six episodes with an average runtime of 40-50 minutes. It is anticipated that the sequel will include six to seven episodes. You can watch the complete season of the thriller on Netflix in case you have missed it out. 

Gangland Season 2 Plot: What to expect from it?

Ganglands follows the story of a duo, Shainez, and Laina who get caught up in a turf war between the drug lords. Laina and Shainez walk into a hotel with an intention to rob money off the guests but accidentally get their hands on a bag of cocaine. Laina later plans to sell off the drug and earn money out of it. However, the news of the stolen cocaine reaches Moroccan drug dealer, Saber, who is on the hunt for the girls. To make things worse, Shainez is abducted by men in masks, which compels Laina (who is her girlfriend) to join Mehdi’s gang of thieves and rescue Shainez from the hands of dangerous men. Mehdi is related to Shainez by blood. Ganglands is a sort of blood, gore, and action, and suspense. It will be not incorrect to say that it has got all the elements of an impeccable crime drama thriller. 

Season one ended on a cliffhanger, with Laina helping Mehdi out of the hospital, with a gun in her hand. Liana seeks the infamous thief’s hand in conquering the territories of Chris. It is not a surprise that Sophia and Saber are also on the same mission, which might call for a massive war between them.

As of now, we have no definite plot synopsis, but it is safe to say that the follow-up will be as engrossing and intense as its last part. Stay tuned to know more. 

Gangland Season 2 Cast: Who is in the cast?

Ganglands is known for its stellar line-up of French actors. Although we have no cast information available for a potential sequel to Ganglands, it is speculated that the original cast will return to the follow-up. Sami Bouajila reprising his role of Mehdi, a qualified robber, and Tracy Gotoas suiting up for her role as Liana, the apprentice thief, who joins Mehdi to protect her loved one. Bouajila has previously appeared in a few flicks including 2006 Days of Glory and Mama II. Gotoas has also shared the screen with Bouajila in Mama II. She has also played a pivotal role in The Trouble Shooter. Besides them, Sofia Lesaffre will join the cast as Shainez, who has a love interest in Liana. Shainez is also Mehdi’s niece and owns an escort service company. 

Other recurring casts include Nabiha Akkari as Sophia, Samuel Jouy as Tony, Salin Kechiouche as Saber, Noureddine Farihi as Hassan, and Van Ranoerlberg as Chris.

We could also see new faces popping up and taking the story in a new direction. 

Season one of Ganglands is created by Hamid Hliousa alongside Julien Leclercq, fans expect to see them returning to their previous roles in the follow-up as well. 

When is the release date of the Trailer for Gangland season 2?

Since the sequel to Ganglands has not yet been confirmed, a trailer still seems a long way. But we have got the trailer for Gangland one, which could be checked out here

Tell us in the comments section below what do you think of a potential sequel to Ganglands? What do you see it going? 

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