What Extensions For Google Chrome Will Help You At Work?

Unlike in the past, when reporting physically to work was a norm, the world is slowly turning to web-working. Currently, companies have teams working round the clock all over the world. This necessary shift makes optimizing your potential while working on your computer mandatory.

One of the best computer abilities that has helped optimize workers’ potential is the browser, and Google-backed Chrome is the ultimate browser. It has several helpful features like the Google workspace, which is an all-in-one package of all the necessary computer applications. With rampant computer usage and heavy browser reliance, you must have the best chrome extensions for productivity optimization. These extensions are a must-have because they were specifically created to save time and increase productivity. 

What extensions should I have on Chrome?

Since there are hundreds of browser extensions, we’ve compiled a list of ultimate chrome extensions for productivity that you should download to make your work days easier. 

VeePN for Chrome

A chrome vpn extension connects your chrome browser to a VPN server. This ensures encryption of all the data going to and from Chrome by routing it through the private network to hide your location and IP address. Installing VPN chrome extension free on your Chrome is very important, especially if your job involves lots of online research. This ensures both safe and private browsing. Download the VeePN extension today to take advantage of their free trial offer and other goodies that come with it. 


One chrome productivity extension you must have at work is momentum. It replaces your ordinary new tab page with a personalized dashboard. Momentum is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on your work. The personalized dashboard features a more beautiful landscape photo, a to-do list, inspirational quotes, and a personalized weather forecast. Who doesn’t want a; feel good vibe’ at work? The inspiration behind this amazing chrome extension is to give users momentum and calmness at work, making them more relaxed, which directly impacts productivity. 

Zoom scheduler

The outbreak of Corona virus gave birth to virtual meetings, and this gave a major boost to zoom. In fact, many people feel like meetings not scheduled on zoom are not official! It’s not true but feels like the truth. 

What are your go to Chrome extensions for remote work? You are getting your priorities wrong if it’s not Zoom scheduler. Zoom scheduler is a must-have extension if you are in a company where cloud meetings are common. This chrome extension allows users to schedule zoom meetings directly from the Chrome calendar available on Google workspace. Awesome right! This means you can start, schedule or join a meeting with a single click on your mouse when working on Chrome. 

If you think that’s all, after setting up a meeting, Chrome creates a URL that is sent directly to your partner or colleague via Google calendar invitation. 

Note board

The inventor of sticky notes should be celebrated forever because they are super helpful at work, especially on those activity-packed days. However, having sizeable note pads, memos all over the desk, and random post-it notes can be very boring. 

Note board extension eliminates all that by digitizing all your notes. This digital post-it note set-up enables you to easily write down your notes, to-do list, bookmark links you are working on, reference links, and any other important notes in a very orderly manner. His extension is super-efficient since you can launch it straight from your browser. 

Upon launch, you will get a tab featuring ‘boards’ from which you can launch all your posts. You can download Note Board using a VPN and install it on Chrome. Apart from digitizing and organizing all your sticky notes, you can also customize this extension to suit your taste. Everything from fonts, background color, video insertions, and bullet lists can be customized. 


If you’re working with a pro-Microsoft team, the office chrome extension comes in handy. It offers direct and quick access to office contents directly from your chrome browser. This free extension was specifically created for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome users. When you install it, you can evilly access all the Microsoft online apps like excel, word, outlook, and PowerPoint when you click on the office icon. This is very helpful because you can access any document without leaving your browser. 


Grammarly is a must-have ad-In if your job involves writing articles, emails, listicles, or any other writeable. You can download Grammarly for Chrome using a VeePN and install it to enjoy this application’s amazing features. This tool ensures that everything you write is free from spelling and grammatical errors, therefore, improving the quality of your writing. Whether you are writing a text on Gmail or Google Docs or posting adverts on Twitter, Facebook, and  LinkedIn, Grammarly will highlight all misspelled words with red and outline improper sentences with blue. I recommend everyone download this chrome extension and install it because, let’s face it, spelling errors negatively impact your credibility!

Wrap Up

Now that you know the most helful extensions for Chrome, go ahead and download a few extensions that will be most helpful to you. Your choice depends on your work, but one universal chrome extension you must have is VeePN for Chrome. Go for it!

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