What Difficulties Do Students Have with a Java Assignment?

Java is a strongly typed general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is one of the most famous and popular languages used by many companies, including Netflix, AliExpress, Intel, Google, eBay, TripAdvisor, and many more. Since its inception in 1995, it has only gained popularity, becoming a leader by the end of the 2010s along with Python. 

Purpose of Java

You can write almost anything in the language:

  • applications for Android (Java is almost the only language for their development);
  • industrial programs;
  • desktop applications;
  • banking programs;
  • programs for working with Big Data;
  • science programs;
  • corporate software;
  • web server, web application, application server;
  • embedded systems – from small chips to special computers.

However, before you start working in one of these areas, you must go through long training. You will receive various tasks, most of which will be quite difficult. In this case, you can ask for Java assignment help. An expert who understands this programming language will help you easily cope with your tasks.

Difficulties that students have with Java assignments

One of the most popular questions addressed to java developers is: how do you feel about not being able to show the result of your work to your loved ones? After all, the backend is written in Java – the part that the user does not see.

Programming is a complex thing, and explaining something that does not have a visual representation to someone outside the IT world can be difficult, and showing code is a thankless task. Therefore, you will have to get used to the fact that only a teacher will fully appreciate your work.

This, and the need to constantly learn, be in good shape, and ask questions – that’s what you need to be prepared for. If this does not scare you, feel free to go to java developers – they are still very much needed.

How to start programming in Java quickly and efficiently without quitting at the very beginning? What difficulties lie in waiting for a beginner while doing Java assignments? Let’s find out the answers to these questions. 

Many people think that successful developers know some secret that will shorten the path and thereby increase your chances of success – and that you will not give up on your goal. The problem is that there is no such secret. Every good developer has come a long way, and this is the only thing that makes them a good developer. Therefore, to become a good programmer, start learning programming from scratch, and do your Java assignments successfully, you need to do exactly two things: understand what problems you will face, and understand how to solve them.

Today there are a huge number of sources of information in which there is very little knowledge – you can read, watch, listen and learn nothing. Residual knowledge will be 0.

The second problem is the very high requirements for students. You can study, study and study, but when you go to get a Java assignment, you will see that this is not enough – you need more knowledge in order to deal with your homework.

The third problem: a huge number of people who need to deal with Java assignments have very low basic training. Most likely, this is your problem too. That is, if you don’t study properly, you won’t be able to do Java homework successfully. And this is a problem because when you fail with your assignments, motivation falls. The worst thing that happens due to the low grades for Java homework is a decrease in the desire to learn the language. Many people think that this is something easy. There is an opinion that a programmer does not need much knowledge; they need to just type some code on the keyboard. This is a deeply erroneous opinion.

Students are completely unprepared for the fact that learning is a slow and, moreover, lifelong process. In programming, there will never be a situation where you learn everything.

What to learn to deal with Java assignments successfully

Since most of the projects that are developed and are being developed in Java are still in the enterprise sector, the biggest disappointment for an inexperienced programmer may be the realization that knowledge of Java alone is not enough to deal with assignments successfully – you also need lots of other knowledge that come in a set.

  • It is imperative that you learn how to work with databases at a good level, as the performance of your application may depend on it.
  • It is necessary to learn the framework for building a platform because, at the moment, no one works in pure Java; there are already a lot of ready-made architectural solutions that you just need to take and use in your assignment.
  • You must be able to work with version control systems (Git), without which development is impossible at the current time.
  • The ability to use message brokers between different applications will also be a plus since now, often, a product is built from several parts that communicate with each other through messages.
  • It will be a big plus to understand the basic architectural solutions: microservice architecture or a monolithic application – because this will help to understand why this or that part of the project was implemented in this way.
  • The next important factor and a big plus is the ability to work with Linux at an advanced level.
  • You will need the ability to use various tools that help to deliver the product to production, that is, these are various containerization systems such as Docker, Kubernetes, as well as CI/CD processes, in order to understand how it gets to the server from the code in the editor and works. Again, this is not critical, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve high positions and salaries without this.
  • In most cases, you have to learn related languages. For example, at the moment, it is difficult to do without knowledge of JavaScript because it is the main one for developing the front-end part of the site.

An interesting statistic: even in free programming courses, 80% of participants drop out in the first three days, faced with the first problems – challenging Java assignments and, as a result, all motivation disappears. Therefore, the main problem in learning programming is to stay in the right direction and motivate yourself to consistently move forward, to keep moving, no matter what.


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