Wedding Crashers 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

Featuring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, and Bradley Cooper, Wedding Crashers is a 2005 American rom-com. With its solid characterization and unique storyline, it did a gangbuster business at the worldwide box office. If we go by the figures, the film racked up nearly $300 million against a budget of $40 million. Since its release, rumors about a sequel to Wedding Crashers have been making rounds on the internet, yet nothing is officially confirmed. So, is the follow-up in the works or is it a long way off? Know everything below about Wedding Crashers 2 below–

Is Wedding Crashers Part 2 Happening?

Talks of a sequel to Wedding Crashers submerged years ago but so far there has been no concrete information.

Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment actor Owen Wilson did confirm that there’s been a discussion about a sequel but it’s not clear for now. “I don’t think it’s 100 percent yet, but they’re definitely talking about doing it. We’ll see!”

According to speculation, it appears that production was scheduled to commence last August.

Wedding Crashers 2: Release date

Unfortunately, there are no specifics available regarding the release date of Wedding crashers. However, there is speculation suggesting that the film is underway. With that in mind, it is presumed that the second installment of Wedding Crashers is yet to go into production. Therefore, if the New Line Cinema greenlit part two by 2021 end, we could expect a sequel at the best till 2023. Currently, it is simply our conjecture. 

Wedding Crashers one followed a summer release, so, it is safe to say that the follow-up might have a similar premiere schedule. 

Wedding crashers 2: Cast

Although we have no concrete details about the cast members of the sequel to Wedding Crashers, still it is not possible to think of the second flick without its original cast. Thus, we see the lead cast returning to their respective roles. Keeping that, Owen Wilson will play John Beckwith, Vince Vaughn will reprise his role as Jeremy Gray. The follow-up is likely to bring into the fold Rachel McAdams as Claire Cleary and Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary. 

In addition to the main characters, other supporting characters may also be included in the cast of Wedding Crashers 2, though the film creators have decided to not give away many details at this moment. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the male supporting cast comprising Christopher Walken, Bradley Cooper, and Will Ferrell has signed on the deal yet with the official network or not as no actor has announced their entry to the follow-up. 

The efforts put in by David Dobkin in directing an original piece of work cannot be overlooked. Thus, Dobkin is anticipated to return to his directorial role and bring his creative vision on board. In an interview, David said that in the years gone by, he had numerous offers for the sequel. But he rather chose to wait for the right time, and not to rush the process. 

Contingent on the story, a couple of additions may join the original cast, but disappointingly, there is no word confirming the same. We guess that the film is still under wraps, so the movie has not seen the light of the day. But hopefully, we will have more news about it in the coming months. Till then, be patient. 

Wedding crashers 2: Plot

There is no definite plot of Wedding Crashers two as of now. Even so, the director of Wedding Crashers one dropped enough hints to a sequel in the past. David Dobkin said that he has a story in mind that centers around men in their late 40’s. The men live as single men after failed relationships or after their unsuccessful attempts of settling down in life. He adds that the story will be difficult, challenging, and entertaining. And as long as there is an element of reality in the plot, it can make sense to the viewers as well. 

Thus, taking from that, we see all these happening in the follow-up. Or the story could be a wholesome flick like its predecessor. The first installment gave a complete storyline to the audience, with Jeremy and Gloria exchanging their nuptial vows and John and Claire’s budding romance taking shape. Part one made their lives even more entwined and exciting with the company of each other. 

Wedding Crashers is gearing up for another blockbuster entry at the global box office. So, stay tuned for more. 

Wedding crashers 2: Trailer

There is no trailer of Wedding Crashers two available currently. Nevertheless, we will update the trailer as soon as it is out. 


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