We Are: The Brooklyn Saints Season 2 – Release date, Cast, and Plot

The very foremost reason for a sports series to get popular is the belief, motivation and strength it provides. Often in downtimes, you prefer to watch or listen to something good so that you can regenerate the hope in yourself. Series like ‘We Are: The Brooklyn Saints’ is one such amazing audio-visual treat where viewers are taken on a roller coaster ride of lives of athletes. The series has often been said to be a rare sports series that gives an insight on how difficult yet motivating is the story of each and every athlete that dreams of making it to the top.

About the show

Diving into the details, the show is a documentary series directed by Rudy Valdez and produced by a huge number of different category producers. This includes executive to associative and consulting producers mostly. 

The brilliant music is composed by Jongnic Bontemps while the cinematography has been done by another team in itself. The plot of the series revolves around some highly driven and young athletes in a football league who are rallied by their parents and coaches all the time. The first season of the series was launched in January 2021 and a major chunk of the global audience has already approved and validated it. It presents a total of four episodes namely, ‘Welcome to the Saints Young Man’, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, ‘Like Son, Like Father’, ‘Any Darn Day’.

Is the show renewed?

The show has been launched on Netflix and has received the deserving feedback and praises. With a series like this, excitement and expectation rises on its own as the entertainment that you witness really keeps you hooked. This is what made the audience long for its second season. Several articles on the internet state different dates for the launch of the series as well as the trailer. But these are mere assumptions as far as now as no official confirmation from the team has been received. The renewal criteria for any show as per Netflix is based on its reach and demand.

Cast, release date, and plot: Expectations

Based on that it can be said that due to the demand being high, the show might get launched in 2022. There might be a story of a completely new set of players with even more motivation and inspiration attached to it. While the first season captures several moods, phases and nuances of an athlete’s life, it also beautifully captures the building and working of a team. The upbringing of children under different circumstances especially in the village area has been reflected really nicely.

Coming back to season 2, there has been no news regarding the release date or details of the plot or trailer launch. Although there is a heavy chance of the show being renewed, nothing can be assured 100% yet. Another possibility of the show happening is the fact that football is really popular among a global audience of sports. The games, movies and other entertainment sources that surround the field are immense and therefore, it might create more and more hype among the viewers with time. With a rise in football players, admirers and aspirers, increase in the demand of such shows is natural and this may lead to even more similar shows coming out. But until things come out quite clear, all we can do is wait. Let us hope another series of amazing events and motivation fills the entertainment industry really soon.


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