Veronica Mars Season 5: Release date and everything we know so far

Veronica Mars premiered in the fall of 2004 to a warm reception from fans and critics alike. And since its debut, it gained a cult following that made it last for two more installments. But the series’ cancelation after its third run dismayed the fans who came together to fund a 2014 Veronica Mars feature-length film when warner Bros withdrew from it. Additionally, the mysteries of the fictional California town, Neptune did not end with the movie. As much to the surprise of fans worldwide, creators announced a revival season that hit our screens in July 2019 on Hulu that continued the story of private investigator Veronica Mars as she investigates and resolves crime cases in the town of Neptune alongside her deductive father. Although season four’s finale saw the protagonist in an emotionally devastating state, fans were thrilled to see the series making a comeback following a long hiatus. That being said, viewers are left with many unanswered questions such as how Veronica copes with her loss?, would she have a second chance at love? , etc. So, will season five give us the closure we have been looking for? To know more about a potential Veronica Mars season five, keep reading on. 

Veronica Mars Renewal Status

Though the series creator, Rob Thomas is enthusiastic about keeping the Veronica Mars chronicle going, things have not gone as expected. In 2019, the showrunner told in an interview that they have not engaged in a discussion with Hulu to bring a fifth season of the series. And it seems that the streamer is not even keen to greenlit it. Further, we have a  sneak suspicion that the series is officially canceled considering its decline in viewership numbers and ratings. In that case, fans should not hold their breath as the series is unlikely to return. 

Veronica Mars season 5

Season four saw a series of the bombing at Spring Bomb with the last bomb planted in Veronica’s car by the Sprite Mortel mastermind, Penn Epler. While Veronica eventually solved the riddle about where the bomb was, it was too late as her husband, Logan was in the car. The bomb has slain off her love, leaving her shattered. Though the news of the Neptune Bombing spread like a wildfire and brought in cases across the globe. That meant more work for the Mars Investigation that Veronica used as an excuse to move out of Neptune. Season five would center around Veronica’s life as she copes with her long-term love’s death. Additionally, the protagonist will continue solving criminal cases on behalf of Mars Investigation.

Veronica Season 5 Cast

It was a delight to witness the original cast of Veronica Mars reappearing for its fourth round including Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III (who plays Veronica’s best friend Wallace Fennel), Ryan Hansen (Neptune’s village idiot Dick Casablancas), and Francis Capra (Neptune’s resident bad boy Weevil). Aside from them, fans also saw new faces like Patton Oswalt, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons.

However, Logan’s death has put an end to his arc, and Josan Doring’s character. With that, there is still little chance of Doring making an appearance in the series if it gets the go-ahead.

Veronica Mars Season 5 Trailer

There is no trailer for Veronica Mars season five as of now and we might not see one until we get concrete details about its next season. So, make sure to check with us for more updates on Veronica Mars Season five.

All the existing seasons of the series are available on Hulu for streaming.

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