Vermeil in Gold Season 2 Updates: Premiere Date, Plot, Cast and more!

Vermeil in Gold season 2 is the highly anticipated second installment of the blockbuster anime based on a manga series written by Kota Amana and illustrated by Yoko Umezu. The makers of Vermeil in Gold have not yet made an official announcement regarding season 2 of the worldwide blockbuster series. 


The Vermeil in Gold season 1 was 12 episodes long. Produced by Studio Staple Entertainment, Vermeil in Gold was both loved and also somewhat criticized by the viewers. It received a load of mixed reactions from the viewers. This was primarily because they depicted a huge age dynamic between the two main leads. 


Vermeil in Gold Season 2 Release Date 


Vermeil in Gold is not an original anime, rather it is based on a manga series. This also implies that it is completely dependent on the maga series for producing the upcoming content. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough source material that could produce a 12 episodes long season. Hence, it is advisable for the fans to wait for more chapters or volumes to get released in order to have an ample of source material for creating a second season of the blockbuster series. 


Vermeil in Gold Season 2 Plot and Storyline 


Since there are no new volumes/chapters released in the manga series, there is no idea as to what the concrete plotline will be for the second season. 


Vermeil in Gold season one followed the story of Vermeil and Alto’s life and death intertwined after a tragic incident that took place in the school. It’s highly expected that the story will follow in the footsteps of the first season. 


However, the plot line also depends upon the original manga series and the direction that the writers want it to go towards. 


Vermeil in Gold Season 2 Cast 


There has been no official announcement regarding the cast members of Vermeil in Gold season 2. However, fans are expecting that the lead roles will return to their screen. Fans will see the demon girl Vermeil and Alto return to their roles. Maya Uchida gave voice to the demon girl while Yuya Hirose gave voice to Alto Goldfield. In addition to them, some of the supporting cast might come back for their roles. 


The supporting cast might include Lilia, Marx, Cheryl, Lolite, and Obsidian. 


Vermeil in Gold Season 2 Trailer 


The makers of the manga-inspired anime series have not yet announced the official trailer release date for Vermeil in Gold Season 2. The Vermeil in Gold Season 2 trailer is expected to drop sometime soon, once the manga series gets more volumes/chapters. Till then, stay tuned with us to get more updates about the same!

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