Vampire in the Garden season 2: Release date, Cast and updates you need to know

If you’re into dark fantasy anime that has a lot of drama, then Vampire in the Garden should be something that you might wanna watch. It is an anime series that combines dark fantasy and drama together in one brilliant series. It is really quick to binge through because it only has five episodes that last 26 to 30 minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about Vampire in the Garden season 2!

Is Vampire in the Garden season 2 happening?

As of yet, Netflix has not renewed the anime. However, we would say the chances of the show coming back for a second season are very low. The first season did not end up in any of a cliffhanger or unanswered questions. It was pretty nicely wrapped up. 

Typically, a series would leave some storylines open or end with a cliffhanger to show that there could be a continuation of the story. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Vampire in the Garden. So, that kinda clears the fact that Vampire in the Garden season 2 won’t be happening. 

Also, it looks like the show was meant to be somewhat of a limited series with the short episode count. Most anime series on Netflix are given at least eight episodes, but Vampire in the Garden only had five episodes. So it looks like it could be a one-and-done series!

Vampire in the Garden season 2 plot?

Vampire in the Garden is all about a human girl named Momo who befriended a vampire queen named Fine, as they became discontented with the way their respective races were living their lives in the middle of a war between humans and vampires. 

They form a friendship that is quite close to the point that they are willing to abandon their own people while they are being pursued throughout the entire series. And their ultimate goal was to get to a paradise called Eden, which is supposedly a place where humans and vampires were able to coexist harmoniously.

However, in the final episode of the series, Fine died trying to protect Momo as she was able to tell her how thankful she was for meeting her. And Momo was also able to muster up the strength she needed to turn her back on her controlling mother, who wanted her to return to human society so that she could get punished for her treachery against humankind.

Because season 2 is cancelled, the storyline won’t continue any further. There’s no plot for Vampire in the Garden season 2. 

Vampire in the Garden season 2 release date?

The makers of the show have cancelled the series. Thus, there’s no release date for season 2. If the series happens and we receive more news, we’ll publish it in our next article. Stay connected with us!

How many seasons of Vampire in the Garden are there?

There is only one season of the anime series and it’s currently streaming on Netflix. The first season consists of five episodes with 24-30 minutes episodes runtime. 

Where can I watch Vampire in the Garden season 2?

Watch the series only on Netflix!

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Trailer

As of now, Vampire in the Garden season 2 has no trailer because the series is yet to be renewed or given the green light to produce a second season. It might be possible that the trailer will be released a few months after Vampire in the Garden season 2 is confirmed, if ever it will indeed get a confirmation from Netflix. Watch the season 1 trailer down below!

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