Unforgotten season 5: Release date, Cast and Plot

Following Unforgotten’s tragic season 4 finale, it’s been revealed who will be replacing Walker in season 5, with Sinéad Keenan (Show Trial, Little Blue Boy) taking over the reins.

During a chat with RadioTimes.com, Chaska discussed what we can expect from Unforgotten season 5 following the shocking events of the last run.

The story will pick up not long after the end of the last story,” he said. “So there is a connection to that story.” He added that he felt “very privileged” to be a part of the crime drama.

“Chris Lang, who has written all of them, has written this one,” he added. “So yeah, it’s very exciting reading the scripts, a bit weird not to see Nicola’s character there, but I saw Nicola two, three times, I suppose, in the last couple of months, over Christmas. So we keep in touch a lot anyway.”

Bhaskar added: “Given that in series 1, I and nobody else had any idea of how this would work out in terms of, you know, the castings and the writing and the directing, I go into series 5 with a lot of faith in whoever’s coming in.”

“And the actors that will come in, will be cast as they have in the previous four. So you know, that calibre of people is very exciting to work alongside and work opposite and work with. And it keeps me on my toes.”

Here’s everything we know so far about Unforgotten season 5. Read the article til’ the very end to not miss a single update. Let’s begin… 

When is the release date of Unforgotten season 5?

As of now, there’s no formal announcements regarding the release date of Unforgotten season 5. However, considering the fact that many TV shows have resumed with their production schedules post covid, “Unforgotten” will be doing the same. 

This means that fans of the intense crime series can expect to pick back up with the London detective team around the end of 2022. This, however, is just speculation. As soon as we receive official updates, we will keep y’all informed. 

What to expect from Unforgotten season 5 plot?

Unforgotten season 5 will start from where it left off – DCI Jess’ (Keenan) first day in her new job.

An ITV preview revealed: “Determined to make a good first impression with her new colleagues, will Jess be in the right frame of mind to deliver and inspire the team?”

“And inevitably how will the ghost of much-loved former colleague Cassie Stuart haunt her? After all, Cassie will be big shoes for her to fill. Does she have the resolve, professionalism and spirit to live up to her much-admired and respected predecessor”

“Jess’s first case is the discovery of human remains in a newly renovated period property in Hammersmith, London. But how long have they been there and is this a murder dating back to the 1930’s or has the body been disposed of in more recent times?”

Who’s going to be in the star cast of Unforgotten season 5?

As per updates, the official star cast of the “Unforgotten” series will return. However, we may not see Walker in season 5. Walker has departed the show, but again, the show must go on, and there will be someone new stepping in as Sunny’s partner. 

ITV, as of now, has made no announcements about who will be replacing Cassie. So, fans will probably have to wait and see as development continues on Season 5. 

Here’s the rest of the cast for Unforgotten season 5:

  • Jordan Long as DS Murray Boulting, 
  • Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier, 
  • Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley, 
  • Georgia Mackenzie as Dr. Leanne Balcombe, 
  • Janet Dibley as Jenny, and 
  • Michelle Bonnard as Sal, Sunny’s romantic life partner. 
  • Other recurring characters, such as Cassie’s boss, Colin R. Campbell, as DSI Clive Andrews, will likely return as well.

Where to watch Unforgotten season 5?

You may watch the series on Amazon Prime Video and ITV player

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