Under the Queen’s Umbrella Season 2: When is it coming and what to be expected?

Conceived by Studio Dragon from a screenplay penned by Park Ba-ra and directed by Kim Hyung-sik. Netflix’s “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” is a lovely Korean history black comedy drama about the authority struggles between a queen and everyone else in the court, also including her vicious, cunning mother-in-law, the mistresses who contend for the king’s fondness, and the princes who desire to climb to the throne. The drama is a mixture of soap operas and chess games and is filled with delusion and enigma as the question of who among the princes will take over the ruler is answered.


This popular drama is ongoing as of now. It stars Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, and Choi Won-young. It was first released on the tvN network on October 15, 2022, and circulates every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 (KST). The series is also available for viewing on Netflix.


In case you’re wondering whether the series will have another season or not, you can find the details below.


Under The Queen’s Umbrella Season 2 Renewal Status


As of this writing, the drama series has released two episodes so far with fourteen more episodes to air. Fans might have to wait for a while for Netflix to decide whether or not to renew “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” for the second installment taking into account the ratings and viewership once the series finishes its broadcast.


As per Nielsen Korea, the debut episode of ‘’Under the Queen’s Umbrella’’, which was launched on October 15, 2022, estimated a decent nationwide viewership rating of around 7.7 per cent. The sophomore episode was released on October 16, 2022, and estimated an average viewership score of 9.2 percent across the nation indicating a powerful beginning to the series.


So based on the viewership rating of the first two episodes and if the series continues to do well, there’s a high chance that the show will be renewed for another run. 


Under The Queen’s Umbrella Season 2 Release Date


As mentioned earlier, the show has yet to be greenlit for season two. Hence, no air date has been determined so far. On the off chance, the show gets renewed, fans can expect to see the new season sometime in 2023. 


Most South Korean dramas tend to wrap the story in a single season. So at this point, we can hope for the producers to make another season. Fingers crossed! 


The Cast of Under The Queen’s Umbrella Season 2


The cast members expected to return in season two of Under The Queen’s Umbrella include:


  • Kim Hye-soo in the role of Queen Im Hwa-ryeong

  • Chaerin will be back as young Im Hwa-ryeong

  • Kim Hae-sook in the part of Queen Dowager

  • Choi Won-young will play King Yi Ho

  • Moon Sang-min portrays Grand Prince Seongnam

  • Bae In-hyuk plays Crown Prince

  • Yoon Sang-hyun in the role of Grand Prince Muan

  • Yoo Seon-ho depicts Grand Prince Gyeseong

  • Park Ha-jun play Grand Prince Ilyeong

  • Ok Ja-yeon in the role of Gwi-in Hwang

  • Kim Ga-eun play the part of So-yong Tae

  • Woo Jung-won plays the role of Gwi-in Go

  • Kang Chan-hee will pal  Prince Uiseong

  • Kim Min-ki in the character of Prince Bogum

  • Moon Seong-hyun portrays the role of Prince Shimso


What Can We Expect in Season 2 of Under The Queen’s Umbrella?


Because the show is still ongoing and has not been renewed yet for a second season, it is difficult to predict what might happen in the next season. However, if a second season happens fans expect to see new characters and more dramas and chaos happening in the royal court.

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