Truth be told season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

Truth Be Told is a television drama adaption of Kathleen Barber’s famous book, Are You Sleeping. It first launched on Apple Tv+ in December 2019 and was praised for its strong performance and intriguing storyline. With its popularity, the network ordered the thriller drama crime for a follow-up, which dropped in August 2021. Recently, Apple TV+ has greenlit the series for a third installment, leaving the crime drama fans thirsty for more.

So, if you are also eagerly waiting for season third of Truth Be Told, here are all the deets about the highly anticipated series:

The release date for Truth be told season 3

There is no official word about the date of the premiere for Season three Truth Be Told as of now. With that said, our best-educated guess is that the series will return to the screens in the second half of 2022 or perhaps, sometime in 2023, at the least. However, nothing is yet confirmed, and this is simply a hypothesis. We could tell the release date for Truth Be Told three following an announcement from the showrunners or the creators. 

Season one and two of Truth Be Told are available for streaming on Apple TV+. Its first part consisted of eight episodes, while the second edition had a surprise in store for the viewers with two bonus episodes. Although the episode count of season three is not known yet, it is safe to assume that it may include at least eight to ten episodes. 

Has Production Begun for Season 3 of Truth be Told?

Yes, production is currently underway and it’s only a matter of time till we see the new episodes.


Speaking to Variety, Tramble Spellman said “I am excited that the Poppy Scoville journey will continue to unfold on Apple TV Plus. And, I’m just thrilled to welcome Maisha Closson as our new showrunner and executive producer,” she added. “Can’t wait to show you all what we have in store for you.” 


Also check the announcement below:

The plot of Truth  be told season 3

Truth Be Told is an anthology mystery series that implies that every season has a fresh plotline. Season two of Truth Be Told saw our protagonist, Poppy Parnell investigating a 20-year-old case involving Warren Cave, in which the new evidence has led to many unprecedented questions like Is Cave serving sentence for a crime that he has not committed? Or has Parnell missed an important piece of the case? Apart from this, Parnell’s old pal, Micah Keith has approached her for help with her dead husband’s case. While investigating this case, Poppy is forced to face her past. In the last season, we could see Poppy’s personal life story from various angles. We are not sure at this moment how the creators plan to go ahead with the story of Truth Be Told. But the series will likely bring another crime mystery, that will keep the fans hooked throughout. Also, there is no scarcity of content material for season three as the series is based on Kathleen’s book. Thus, suit up to see another brilliant season of Truth Be Told. 

Truth be told season 3 Cast details

The creators have not confirmed any casting information for SEason three Truth Be Told so far. However, it is not possible to imagine Truth Be Told without the Oscard award-winning actress, Octavia Spencer. It is no surprise that the actor is fascinated by true crime in her real life. Octavia is also serving as the executive producer for season three. Season three brings into the fold Maisha Closson as the showrunner and executive producer of the series. Additionally, Nichelle Tramble Spellman, who wrote the screenplay for the first two seasons, is now show’s executive producer. The series stars Michael Beach as Ingram, Mekhi Phifer as Markus, Ron Cephas Jones as Shreve Scoville, Tracie Thoms as Desiree, and Haneefah Wood as Cydia in its last seasons.

Given the theme of the crime legal drama series, season 3 will feature a slew of new characters and a new cast. But there is one character who is likely to return for season three- Inspector Aames (David Lyons). 

Trailer for Truth be told season 3

Unfortunately, there is no teaser trailer available for Truth Be Told Season three at this point. Keep watching this space for more information regarding Truth Be Told Season three. 


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