Will there ever be a True to the Game 4?

Will Teri Woods return with more novels? Will there ever be a True to the Game 4? Will we get to see more of Quadir and Gena? Catch up on all the updates down below!

True to the Game is a crime romance TV show. It originally aired back on the 3rd of December, 2021. The series is based on a trilogy of the same name by Teri Woods. But will the fourth part of the film occur any time in the future? You see, crime romance has its own fan base and the film True to the Game did create a spark. But considering the three parts of the film have covered the material of the books, we can’t be so sure whether True to the Game will return with the fourth edition. 

During an interview with Collider, director Francis Lawrence explained how Netflix has given him free rein to tackle the movie as he sees fit… and that means working alongside the game’s creator.

“Basically, me and Cameron [MacConomy] who works with me, and Michael [Green] are getting to do what we want to do, which is great,” he said. “A lot of it is staying really true to the game itself, and we’re talking to Take-Two [Interactive] and Ken Levine.”


Is True to the Game returning with the fourth movie?

Sadly enough, we don’t think so. As aforesaid, three parts of the movie have already covered the material from the books. But there is a possibility that the author, Teri Woods, may write more books in the future. When her novel series became a hit, she returned with 3 more novels: Deadly Reigns, Alibi, and Dutch. However, she never came up with True To The Game’s fourth novel. Thus, it is also possible that it couldn’t happen or perhaps it could, who knows? 


However, as of December 2022, the makers haven’t made any potential updates regarding the renewal of the fourth instalment of True to the Game franchise. But this doesn’t imply that the series won’t be renewed in the future. As of yet, we are awaiting official confirmation. Stay tuned with us, until then!

Will Teri Woods write more novels in the future?

Although Teri Woods hasn’t written the fourth novel of True to the Game, she did share her future plans. As usual, fans were going crazy as they wanted their favourite series to return with a brand new part. Woods assured the fans that she is considering revamping the books. The announcement was made in 2013. But don’t get your hopes too high, fam – she never mentioned about expanding the franchise, only revamping it. 

The plot 

True to the Woods is based on the classic trilogy by Teri Woods. It has a gripping crime romance plot. The storyline revolves around the crime-filled underworld of Philadelphia. It’s about the life of Gena Hollins. She’s a regular girl from Philadelphia. But something happens and her life takes a toll. She starts dating a drug dealer. His name is Quadir Richards. Initially, she was reluctant but Quadir’s grounded persona won her heart. 

Where to watch the film True to the Game?

You may watch the film True to the Game on Amazon Prime Video and BET+. Happy watching!


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