Tribes of Europa season 2: Release date, rumours and leaks

Is the Tribes of Europa season 2 cancelled or will it be renewed with one more exciting season? When will Netflix release Tribes of Europa Season 2 after all? 

Well, now that the first (incredibly awesome) chapter is over, fans are enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of its brand new season. Furthermore, Tribes of Europa left fans with multiple cliffhangers, so we did expect a possible season 2. In this post, we bring you all the details including the release date, cast and other updates. Read on… 

Tribes of Europa Season 2: A Brief Note

The series, Tribes of Europa is a Sci-Fi (science-fiction), physiological drama German TV series that premiered on February 19, 2021, on Netflix. Created by Philip Koch and written by Philip Koch, Jana Burbach, and Benjamin seller, it is based on the future of new Europe. Within a month or two of its release, Tribes of Europa broke all the viewership records. 

The series is filmed in 2074, the plot illustrates a war between the tribes of Europe in the fallout of a bizarre global disaster. Three siblings named Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (HenrietteConfurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) from the peaceful Origine tribe are detached and compelled to create their ways in an action-packed battle for the future of new Europa.

Tribes of Europa Season 2: Release Date

So far, Netflix has not renewed the second instalment of ‘Tribes of Europa’. Even after a year of its release, fans are still waiting for renewal. The first season was broadcast on 19th February 2021. However, keeping an eye on the ending of the first season, we undoubtedly expect season 2. If the series gets renewed, we foresee the second season to premiere eventually in 2022. 

The show’s release date will rely on how fast it ensures the renewal and how quickly it can begin production. The renewal is still pending. Thus, we cannot give you an exact release date yet.  

Tribes of Europa Season 2: Cast

Find the expected cast of the series Tribes of Europa Season 2 below.

  • Henriette Confucius would be playing Liv
  • Emilio Sakraya playing Kiano
  • David Ali Rashed will perform as Elja
  • Melika Foroutan might appear in Varvara’s role
  • Oliver Masucci will perform Moses
  • Robert Finster perform David
  • Benjamin Sadler playing Jakob
  • Ana Ularu would play as  Grieta
  • Jeanette Hain might be seen playing Amena
  • Michael Erpelding playing Atlantian Pilot
  • James Faulkner playing General Cameron
  • Johann Myers as Bracker
  • Klaus Tange would play Mark
  • Sebastian Blomberg might appear Yvar
  • Jannik Schumann as Dewitt
  • Alain Blazevic as Crimson
  • Hoji Fortuna as Ouk

Tribes of Europa Season 2: Ratings

Tribes of Europa received an audience approval rating of 78%  on rotten tomatoes and a 6.8 out of 10 on IMDb. The series did averagely well and deserves a second season. 

Tribes of Europa Season 2: Where To Watch?

The series Tribes of Europa is available to watch on the OTT platform Netflix. It is available in two languages; German and English. 

Tribes of Europa Season 2: Trailers

So far, the series status is yet to be authorised. Currently, it would be ironic to say the second season’s trailer was already out and streaming on Netflix. However, as soon as the trailer is out, we’ll update you guys. Stay in touch with us!


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