Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2022 and Beyond

Gaming has come a long way. It started with land-based casinos before moving to desktops and eventually to mobile devices. Today, the number of people playing games on mobile devices is way more than those who play at land-based casinos or on desktops. With the growth in technology, new changes are expected to improve the experience and interaction between gaming providers and casinos and their users.

Here are a few trends that are expected in the near future.

Crypto Gambling is the New Norm

Crypto gaming has been accepted around the globe. Players love the anonymity, speedy transactions, and security offered by cryptos. This will continue in the future. Besides, the blockchain technology will bring new games and experiences. Learn about Crypto gambling on to see how it will be an exciting future for gamers.

Mobile Cloud Gaming is a Thing

Mobile cloud gaming (popularly known as Gaming-as-a-Service) is a subscription model service where players get all their gaming resources from the cloud. It is an easy-to-use gaming model as players can play for the number of games they want to access and other features. GaaS eliminates the need to buy new games and infrastructure to play them, as all games can be accessed and played via mobile devices.

Video gaming enthusiasts can also build their strengths across different series of a particular title and use the same strength to play new upgrades and releases with ease. Besides, the cost of subscription is significantly less than the cost of purchasing the game and associated infrastructure.

Gaming Socialization is Getting Traction

Traditionally, most games involved playing against the machine or a few friends remotely when using a desktop. However, there has been a change in how games are offered on mobile devices. A new crop of mobile games will enable players to interact as they play the same game. The socialisation feature will work on video games, casino games and live shows.

With game socialization, it will be easy for players to compete against each other for the top prize. These games have started to make their way into the live casino. However, soon table games, slots and poker games will have the option as well. Some of the features that will be included in the new games include chat rooms, social media connectivity, an option to stream and record progress on the games and guilds. The reward systems will also change.

Wearable Technology is Revolutionizing Gaming

Wearable technology involves electronic gadgets that come with sensors to share data with gaming platforms in real-time. Some of the popular wearable technologies include smartwatches, wristbands, fitness rings and bodysuits.

These gadgets will enhance the gaming experience in various ways. First, they can be used as inputs when playing your games to enhance the experience. For example, the shaking feature in mobile devices allows you to tilt and change the location of objects on the screen without using onscreen controls. Gaming platforms can also collect the user’s data to determine the rewards and the kinds of games to suggest to the player.

VR and AR will Get to Mobile Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) is a product of 3D modelling where the electronic devices create a simulated environment and use the cues from the user to change objects and graphics built therein. Therefore, it enables the user to interact with the virtual world as if it were the natural world.

On the other hand, augmented reality superimposes digital pictures onto the natural world so that it is easy to interact with them as if they were out there. Both of these technologies are going to revolutionise how people consume games.

Here is an example: in a VR casino game, you feel like you are in a real casino playing on a roulette table or blackjack. In a live casino, it gives the feeling that you are in the same room as the dealer, selecting available options.

Both technologies will revolutionise gaming in several ways. This is the closest a mobile casino can get to land-based gaming.

The Availability of Games Across Platforms

If you have a dedicated gaming app, such as a video game or a casino platform, you need to download one that is compatible with your device. Unfortunately, some of the games are not available on these platforms.

However, new games will be coded in such a way that they will be available across all platforms. Therefore, players will not be forced to go to specific platforms or desktops to play specific games.

Hyper-Casual Games are on the Rise

Many of the games on the mobile platforms are either chance or skill games. Both categories of games require a high level of concentration to play effectively. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to relax after a hard day’s work.

Hyper casual games are relaxing games that do not require the player to overthink the next step while playing. They are just fun, relaxing games. The games can be real money or free games available on a platform or downloadable to be played offline. They are meant to help with relaxation and create a ‘feel good’ atmosphere.

The Growth of Multiplayer Games

Most multiplayer games are usually available on the desktop. This is so because the desktop has several resources to enable collaboration between players. However, the multiplayer experience is soon moving to the mobile device. Players will be able to play a game together on the mobile device.

There are several ways this can be done. Players can connect wirelessly and play the games from their respective ends, or they can use joysticks connected via a hub and a USB device. Players can also play online from their remote locations.

As technology grows, there are new ways people can interact with their devices. Gaming will also tap into these technologies to enhance player interaction, make gaming more accessible and improve the user experience.


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