Trash Truck Season 3 Official Updates; Check Out Official Details Here!

Trash Truck also known as Giant Jack is a Netflix Original animated series produced by Glen Keane Productions and Netflix Animation. Trash Truck is a fun and comedy animated series that follows the story of a young kid named Hank who has a giant garbage or trash truck as his best friend. The show focuses on the friendship of Hank and the giant trash truck as they roam around the world and have a lot of fun adventures. Now that fans have already completed season 2 of the series, they are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3.

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Trash Truck Season 3 Renewal Status

As of present, we do not have an official renewal news concerning the animated series Trash Truck Season 3. Trash Truck Season 2 had concluded very well in the year 2021. It’s been almost two years since we last saw the season 2 finale of the animated series and fans have only been eagerly waiting for another season to hit the screens very soon. However, looking at the current scenario, we think that there is still a lot of time before we get to hear the renewal status of the show.

Trash Truck Season 3 Release Date

Since, we do not have an official confirmation regarding the renewal status of Trash Truck, we cannot say anything about the release date either. However, looking at the release date of the previous seasons, we can fathom that Netflix has always kept an estimated gap of 6 months between the two seasons. With this guess, we should have gotten Trash Truck Season 3 in November 2021. Nevertheless, we did not and here we are in the year 2023, still waiting and waiting and waiting for the official confirmation!

Trash Truck Season 3 Expected Cast Members

Once Trash Truck Season 3 is officially out, we can expect the following ensemble of amazing Voice Over Artists to cast in the animated feature series:

  • Henry Keane voicing Hank
  • Glen Keane voicing Trash Truck
  • Olive Keane voicing Olive
  • Lucas Neff voicing Donny
  • Brian Baumgartner voicing Walter
  • Jackie Lobb voicing Ms. Mona

Where to watch Trash Truck Season 3?

Trash Truck is Netflix Originals animated feature series that is also produced by Netflix Animation. Hence, it is very obvious that all the episodes of the series will be available for users to stream only on Netflix. Once Trash Truck is also released, it will get premiered on the same streaming giant,

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