Total Control Season 3: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Total Control is an Australian political thriller drama TV series that was first aired on ABC TV on October 13, 2019. The series’ original working title was supposedly ‘Black Bitch’ but the showrunners had to change it with the current one as it was considered to be extremely controversial. 


Following the success of the show, a second season was renewed which was released on November 7, 2021.


Speaking about how the show was created, series creator Darren Dale in an interview along with star Rachel Griffiths, explains that the show was born of “a sense of frustration” with a messed-up two-party system that is perceived as “a bit broken and increasingly divisive and nasty”.


If you’re here to know more about Total Control Season 3 release date, cast, and more find the deets below.


Total Control Season 3 Release Date


ABC (AU) has yet to officially greenlight the series for the third season of Total Control. However, it was previously reported that production has already begun even though it’s not commissioned yet. So this means that if everything goes smoothly, fans can expect the next season to be out somewhere by the end of 2022 or in early 2023. We will edit this post with more information as early as they become available.


The Cast of Season 3 of Total Control


Although the official cast line is not revealed, we do expect to see the main characters in the upcoming 3rd season of Total Control including:


  • Deborah Mailman in the role of Alexandra “Alex” Irving

  • Rachel Griffiths will be seen playing as Rachel Anderson

  • Harry Richardson will play the role of Jonathan Cosgrove

  • Rob Collins in the character of Charlie Irving

  • Anthony Hayes will be portraying the role of Damian Bauer

  • William McInnes will play the character of Laurie Martin

  • Huw Higginson will reprise his role as Peter Solomon

  • Wesley Patten will be back as Eddie Irving, Alex’s son


In addition, it is also expected that a handful of new faces will be introduced to the viewers in the next season of Total Control just like in the previous two seasons to make the story even more suspenseful, exciting, and interesting. 


What Could Be The Plot of Total Control Season 3?


There are no specific plot details when it comes to the third season of Total Control and even though the series is not yet officially renewed, it appears that season 3 is already in preparation. In season 3, there’s plenty of room to explore the disposition and ambitions of Australian voters. To put it, the second season did conclude with Australia which got its first-ever prime minister of Indigenous roots, something which was quite unpredictable and an astonishing outcome. 


“We made a very deliberate fork in the road from reality in season two, we’re not doing reality,” says series star Rachel Griffiths. “We are in the multiverse.”


The typical regulations are not used there, and anything can happen at this point– possibly even a scenario where the politicians reflect what it means for them to represent.


“Most people don’t want their candidate out there getting sound bites,” explains Griffiths. “They want them to listen to them.”


Season 3 will be entangled with another political war. We absolutely can’t wait to see how Rachel Anderson tries to deal with it. 

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