Too Hot To Handle season 3: All You Need To Know

Can’t get enough of the dating show? Well, we have great news, your favorite dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is returning with a third season.

If you have binge-watched the second season, we assume that you are now eagerly looking forward to what comes next in the whole new season of Too Hot To Handle. With all the spice, sexiness and a bit of craziness and drama delivered in the last season, we certainly are very much waiting in anticipation. 

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, the reality show follows a group of grown-ups who are mainly involved in useless flings or relationships and are not able to find true love. The participants are put together in one location for about four weeks and they must go through many challenges. Another twist is, the participants must abstain from indulging in sexual activities, there should’t be any physical contact at all. If caught, they face a punishment that is, an amount subtracted from the joint $100,000 prize.

The idea of this show is to have a good time, connect with the right people and if lucky, they might find true love among the other participants. 

Without further ado, let’s get into details about the third season of Too Hot To Handle.

Is Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Renewed?

Yes, the third season of Too Hot To Handle is renewed by Netflix.

In an interview with Netflix Vice President Brandon Reigg via Variety, stated that: “The secret is out – we’re thrilled to bring back Too Hot to Handle.” 

He resumed: “Netflix members around the world fell in love with the hilarious antics of season one, and now fans won’t have to wait long to see our new contestants try (and fail) to follow Lana’s strict rules with plenty of twists and surprises along the way.”

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Release Date When is it?

The first season of Too Hot To Handle was released on April 17, 2020 and concluded on May 8, 2020 with a total of nine episodes. The second season was launched from June 23, 2021, to June 30, 2021, comprising ten episodes. So the overall episodes throughout the seasons consist of nineteen episodes so far.

Coming back to the third season release date, the giant streamer officially announced in August 2021 that a third season of the reality dating series is scheduled to arrive in early 2022, back then they didn’t mention or provide a precise air date but later, just four months after the announcement, in December 2021, another announcement was dropped and this time Netflix finally provided us with the exact release date and the much anticipated third outing of the show is releasing on January 19, 2022. Yaay!

How many episodes will the third season comprise?

As of now, it’s not known how many episodes it will contain in the third season of Too Hot To Handle since the first and second seasons both have different numbers of episodes. 

However, the upcoming season likely might have a total of 10 episodes though this is yet to be confirmed by the showrunners.

Who are the Participants of Too Hot To Handle season 3?

The participants for Too Hot To Handle Season 3 are kept under wraps. Till now we haven’t got any information about the new participants, but there are speculations that the show was filmed continuously along with the second season. 

However, we do know that each season introduces us to a whole new group of sexy participants who are brought to a mansion located in a tropical setting under the premise that these participants are about to have the best holidays of their entire lives.

An insider source from Too Hot To Handle reported via Variety that the giant streamer has kept the identity of the participants completely confidential, and enlisted the participants for both second and third seasons at the same time. Participants who thought they were actually signing up for “Parties in Paradise,” only came to know what season they had been cast on once they actually made it. 

Where is the third season of THTH being filmed? 

The third season was filmed back to back with the second season so it’s highly possible that the third series is being filmed in the same location which means it’ll be in Turks & Caicos villa.


If you haven’t watched Season 2 of THTH, it’s available to stream on Netflix.


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