This Way Up season 3: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Directed by Alex Winckler, “This Way Up” is a British black comedy drama TV series that airs on Channel 4. The series is established in London and is Penned by Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan who also stars in the show and serves as an executive producer as well. 

The series first season was displayed in 2019 and the second season is 2021. “This Way Up” is published in the US on the streaming service Hulu. It stars Aisling Bea, Sharon Horgan, Tobias Menzies, and Aasif Mandvi.

The story revolves around a young, unmarried Irish lady named Aine (Aisling Bea), who resides in London and is recuperating from a nervous meltdown. 

She teaches English as a dual language and in the second season, she begins a relationship with one of her student’s father who is single. In the series, Sharon Horgan portrays Áine’s defensive elder sister named Shona, a bisexual lady who resides with her male lover and is sexually enticed to her colleague who is a woman.

To date, the show has generated two seasons, making us wonder whether or not the show will be greenlit for a third season run. To know more in details, here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming third season of “This Way Up.”

Release Date of This Way Up Season 3: When will it premiere?

Currently, there are no concrete details regarding the third installment of “This Way Up.” However, we do have great news and that is the second season is now available for streaming on Hulu starting back on July 9, 2021. Season 2 aired on Channel 4 in the UK on July 24, 2021, consisting of a total of six episodes with a runtime of 25 minutes per episode.

Nevertheless, the cast members have also expressed their eagerness to come back to the production for a third-season run.  Star Tobias Menzies and also the creator of the show revealed that he is keen to generate more episodes, but the decision solely falls on Aisling Bea. 

As for Bea, it appears like it takes a lot of time to write a good script especially when it comes from her life incidents, and to grasp the top level of constructing a story with a good meaning, as per Menzies. 

It’s challenging to write a good story and its probably going to take a while but the actor also teased that Bea might utilize plenty of strategies to generate new theories for the upcoming third series.

Coming back to the release date, season 3 of This Way Up is set to hit our screens on July 13, 2022.

This Way Up Season 3 episode list

Series 1 (2019)



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.K viewers


1 1 “Episode 1” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 8 August 2019 N/A
2 2 “Episode 2” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 15 August 2019 N/A
3 3 “Episode 3” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 22 August 2019 N/A
4 4 “Episode 4” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 29 August 2019 N/A
5 5 “Episode 5” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 5 September 2019 N/A
6 6 “Episode 6” Alex Winkler Aisling Bea 12 September 2019 N/A

Series 2 (2021)



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date  U.K viewers


7 1 “Episode 1” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A
8 2 “Episode 2” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A
9 3 “Episode 3” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A
10 4 “Episode 4” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A
11 5 “Episode 5” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A
12 6 “Episode 6” Alex Winckler Aisling Bea 9 July 2021 N/A

 The Cast of This Way Up Season 3: Who will return?

If renewed, it’s likely that all the same characters that appeared in the previous seasons are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming third season including–

  • Aisling Bea (as Áine)
  • Sharon Horgan (as Shona)
  • Dorian Grover (as Étienne)
  • Tobias Menzies (as Richard)
  • Aasif Mandvi (as Vish)
  • Indira Varma (as Charlotte)
  • Kadiff Kirwan (as Bradley)

Recurring Characters

  • Chris Geere (as Freddie)
  • Ricky Grover (as Tom) 
  • Ekow Quartey (as James)
  • Pik-Sen Lim (as Chien)

Guest Appearances

  • Sorcha Cusack (as Eileen) 
  • Lou Sanders (as Fran)
  • Jeff Mirza (as Hari)
  • Soni Razdan (as Kavita)

The plot of This Way Up Season 3: What to expect?

If the series returns with a third season, it’s highly expected to continue the story. However, we’re exactly sure what could happen in the next season as plot details are strictly kept under wraps. 

Needless to say, the upcoming third season will witness the aftermath of Shona who accidentally sent a voice note to Vish rather than her colleague Charlotte, and this will lead to revealing her affair with Charlotte.

Nevertheless, the third season will pick up from where the previous season left off meaning Shona will face the consequences for accidentally revealing her affair through her voice note while Aine will have her challenges and eventually realize the things that she wants to do in her life. When her pupil, Etienne finds out about their relationship, things might get even more dramatic since Etienne will have a hard time accepting their relationship and this may lead to an argument between him and his father. 

It’s going to be another exciting season and we can’t wait for what’s going to happen in the next season. Till then wait patiently and wait for more updates.


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