These Woods Are Haunted Season 4: To be Renewed? All you need to know

Most television shows based on true stories or events never fail to capture the attention of the audience like no other existing genre can. “These Woods Are Haunted” is one such docu-series that will have you grit your teeth and have your body trembling to the core. The interesting thing is, you’re not in it just for the unique experience it provides to the audience but they also make sure to bring you an unexpected hint of thrill which is seldom seen in fictional shows. 


This docu-series was first released in October 2017 on Travel Channel. Season one finished its run on August 26, 2018. Upon release, the show was primarily fulfilled with favorable responses by both critics and audiences. It’s no surprise that they went on to release a total of three seasons but what about a fourth season? Will the show makers return with a new season? 


Here’s what we know about season 4 of These Woods Are Haunted.


These Woods Are Haunted: What is it About?


First of all, it’s not always a great experience for the team. The woods in the secluded areas are crammed with mysteries that are very difficult to explain most of the time. “These Woods Are Haunted” features the real statements of people who embarked deep into the woods only to come out yelling and crying out loud with tales that defy truth. 


The director’s purpose is to find any spiritual, unnatural, or sinister activity taking place deep within the woods.


Is Season 4 of These Woods Are Haunted Renewed?


Unfortunately, not yet. The show is not renewed or canceled for now. Fans might have to wait for some time for the network to announce the fourth installment since the third season is currently airing with a couple more episodes to go. But based on the positive audience reaction to the previous seasons, it’s most likely that “These Woods Are Haunted” will perhaps be back for more thrill and stories to uncover.


These Woods Are Haunted Season 4 Release Date

There is no release date for season four of These Woods Are Haunted as of now. The first season premiered on October 10, 2017. The second season was released on February 8, 2020. The third season was launched on September 10, 2021.


As mentioned earlier, “These Woods Are Haunted” is awaiting its season’s four renewal confirmation. If renewed, fans are expected to watch the new episodes sometime in 2023.


The Cast of These Woods Are Haunted Season 4


In this show “These Woods are Haunted,” volunteers embark into the wilderness to encounter first-hand the horrifying experiences that lie within the woods. Hence, the program features these victims passing along their tales in the first person. Additionally, there is dramatization by actors who provide a fictional version to them by depicting the targets in their acts. The main cast comprises Holly Stevens, Tyler Messervey, Annie Asselin, Frank Barberio, Barbara Beaton, and Simon Boniface, to name a few.


And as witnessed in the previous seasons, the cast does not usually stay the same through each season. So we can expect to see new faces in the forthcoming season.


These Woods are Haunted Season 4 Plot


Most probably, the new season of These Woods Is Haunted will venture into a new location to uncover more mysteries and feature the testimonies of new victims and their horrifying encounters.

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