The Ultimatum season 2: Release date and everything expected

Satan works real hard, but so does Netflix! Even before Netflix’s hit reality “dating show”, The Ultimatum – with its typical heteronormative reality dating show set-up cast a spell on the audience and plunge ‘em! 

The show premiered on April 6 and features only LGBTQ+ couples. Here’s everything you need to know about The Ultimatum Season 2, including predictions about its cast, release date, and other updates. 

What is The Ultimatum season 2 about?

As aforesaid, The Ultimatum is a dating reality show for LGBTQ+ couples. It follows six couples on their way to an engagement. “Marry or Move on” is the ultimatum! 

One partner in the union will obviously not be completely sure of the other person. Now, the show offers a choice: Either fully commit to your current partner, or enter into a fake trial marriage with someone else to see if there’s a connection there. Woah, fun right? Guess if this happened in real life, lol. 

However, when the trial is over, cast members must decide if they wanna be engaged to their original partner, or break up for good and potentially start a relationship with their new match. Well, the chaos and messiness is what makes the show wow-worthy and entertaining! 

Is The Ultimatum season 2 confirmed?

Netflix has confirmed the renewal of The Ultimatum season 2. The news was first announced during a video outlining Netflix’s upcoming reality shows. With faces from Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle singing through the announcements as part of their ‘boyband’ N-2-LUV, The Ultimatum has also been confirmed! 

LIB’s Jarrette Jones dropped the news on The Ultimatum S2, singing in the video, “It’s called The Ultimatum and it’s dropping two seasons. One of which is queer with mostly women.” Here’s hoping there are even more in the pipeline!

The Ultimatum Season 2 Predicted Release Date?

Netflix announced The Ultimatum season 2 on March 24, 2022. However, it has yet to make any other production announcements. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix. But based on the popularity of the show, this could be pretty soon!

The Ultimatum Season 2 expected plot?

Netflix has announced that The Ultimatum will be returning for a season featuring queer contestants, most of whom are women.

While we don’t know just yet what will unfold in season 2, the executive producer Chris Coelen, recently spoke to Variety about the appeal of the premise. He said: “It’s based in a very real relatable conversation and situation for for many, many people – either you’ve been in that situation or you’ve known people who are in that situation.”

“What’s fascinating is when you actually look at the reasons that people give for not being ready, there are a multitude of reasons – ‘I come from a family background of bad relationships. I don’t want to repeat my past’ or ‘I’m not ready, I’m too young’ or ‘I need to be financially stable’,” he added.

“There may be some validity to some of those reasons, but the real reason is that they’re not sure that they want to marry this person that they’re with. Most of those things that they say are our excuses, and it’s very common.”

Who is hosting The Ultimatum season 2? 

If we had to place our bets on anything, married-IRL couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be back to host the second season as well.

Where to watch The Ultimatum season 2?

You may watch the series exclusively on Netflix!

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