The Thinning 3: Everything we know so far

Starring the former Youtuber, Logan Paul, The Thinning is a dystopian future series. First aired in 2012, the thriller series is widely known for its intriguing and gripping storyline. Due to its immense popularity, The Thinning released its sequel in 2018. However, Logan Paul’s recent controversy with YouTube has put the fate of this post-apocalyptic series questionable. So, does the compelling story end with The Thinning: New World Order or there is more to it?

Stick with us till the end to know all your answers from The Thinning three cast, release date, and plot details.

When will The Thinning part three come out?

Unfortunately, there is no official statement confirming the premiere date of The Thinning part three. But there are speculations that the third installment might be out by the end of 2022 although no specific release date has been provided till now.

After the airing of the sequel, The Thinning third went on an infinite hiatus. However, we are positive that a piece of good news is likely to be announced by the creators sooner than later. 

Revealing the plot of Thinning part three

The Thinning part two ended with several loose strings, with nothing close to a happy ending. Thus, its climax hints at the arrival of a third part to provide closure to the fans. With that said, there is no word whether The Thinning part three is in the making or not. 

If it happens, we are anticipating that the web movie will bring new twists and turns for the viewers. After discovering the truth behind “The Thinning”, the standardized test conducted by the people in power to combat the issue of the rising population, our protagonists have new revelations to make. Blake and Ellie, the romantic couple, have escaped the underground tunnel and also, have learned about the President’s big plans. So, would they bring out the truth behind execution (that people dread the most) or fight to seek the freedom they deserve as citizens? To know more, stay tuned with us. 

Is Logan Paul returning for The Thinning Part three? Know everything about the cast of The Thinning part three. 

There are speculations that Logan Paul (Blake Redding.) will not take the front stage in The Thinning part three because of its 2018 controversies. The fans will miss him terribly. Besides, there is no disclosure about the new additions to the cast. Therefore, it is anticipated that the cast of The Thinning two will return for the third part. While Lia Marie Johnson will reprise her role as Ellie, the lover of Blake, Peyton List will appear as Laina Michaels, the girl who exposed the thinning scam and became the target of the Governor. Other secondary characters will also join the cast. To name a few, Calum Woody will appear as Kellan Woods, Michael Traynor as Mason King, and Aria Leabu as Corrine Michaels. 

Following the events of part two, it will be exciting to see the characters back into action. 


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