The Son season 3: Release date, Cast and more updates

Developed by Philipp Meyer, Lee Shipman, and Brian McGreevy, “The Son” is an American western drama TV series based on a 2013 storybook of the exact title penned by Philip Meyer. The series made its debut on April 8, 2017, and has produced two seasons so far and published 20 episodes overall with each episode running for 42-49 minutes.


Upon release, the series received generally mixed or average reviews. Anyhow, it’s been three years since the last episode aired and fans of this show are anxious. Let’s find out whether or not The Son has any plans of returning in the future with a third season.


Will there be a season 3 of The Son?


Unfortunately, no. The television series has been formally axed by AMC. The second season of The Son is the last one. Currently, it’s unclear if AMC has any plans to return for a third run but it appears that it’s highly unlikely as no announcement has been made about season 3 as of June 2022.


The Son season 3 Release Date: When is it?


As per the showrunners, the second season of The Son is the final outing of the series. Season 2 was released on April 27, 2019, and ended on June 29, 2019. It consisted of ten episodes in total just like the first season.


The main reason for the show’s dismissal was never disclosed by the showrunners or AMC. However, it is alleged that the developers ran out of notions, which further led to the cancellation of the show. Henceforth, the two seasons which are adapted from the novel cover only two stories.


So yes, there won’t be a third season since The Son culminated. 


Why was The Son Cancelled? 


The exact reason behind the show’s cancellation was never revealed but it’s primarily because the novel has only two parts that the two seasons have already covered. 


Therefore, there was no need for the third season. The showrunners expressed gratitude for the love and support received throughout the two series, especially to their fans.


The Cast of The Son


  • Pierce Brosnan played the role of Eli McCullough

  • Jacob Lofland played the character of young Eli 

  • Comanche played the role of Tiehteti Taiboo 

  • Henry Garrett portrayed the character of Pete McCullough

  • Zahn McClarnon played the role of Toshaway

  • Jess Weixler played the role of Sally McCullough

  • Paola Núñez played the role of María García

  • Elizabeth Frances portrayed the role of Prairie Flower

  • Sydney Lucas played the character of Jeannie McCullough

  • Lois Smith played the character of an 85 year old Jeannie

  • David Wilson Barnes played the role of Phineas McCullough


Will The Son have any chances of returning in the future with a Season 3?


The chances of the series returning with the third season are quite slim as the showrunners have clearly announced their calculation after the second season. 


To put it, “The Son” season 3 will not happen now or in the future. Also, as mentioned earlier, the series’ previous two seasons have already covered the entire two parts of the novel, and hence, there is no point in continuing further.


Where to watch The Son? 


The Son seasons 1 & 2 is available for viewing on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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