The Serpent Queen Season 2: When is it coming and All you need to know?

Created by Justin Haythe “The Serpent Queen” is an American period drama TV series set in the sixteenth century portraying the life of Queen Catherine de’ Medici of France, played by Samantha Morton. The series is adapted from the 2004 non-fiction novel “Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France” penned by Leonie Frieda. The eight-episode series debuted on September 11, 2022,  on Starz and will air until October 30.


“Direct address, it’s been around since the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare, but it makes something incredibly urgent,” showrunner Haythe informed TheWrap. “But you’re right about the contemporary style of the show. Because when I first read the book, I hadn’t been looking to do a period show, I hadn’t been looking to do a royal show. But I wanted to do an antihero and in Catherine, I felt, I read and found a very modern antihero who happened to live in the 16th century, and happened to be a woman, and I couldn’t think of a female antihero that I’d seen before. And what made it so relatable to me is that she’s an outsider. And that’s why she’s telling the story to Rahima, specifically … somebody else who thinks they’re an outsider.”


Although the first season is still airing, fans are curious whether the series will have another season. Here’s what we know about Season 2 of “The Serpent Queen.”


Release Date For Season 2 of The Serpent Queen 


Currently, there is no release date for the potential second season of the period drama series since it has not been renewed yet but we do know that “The Serpent Queen” doesn’t plan to end the story in a single season and will probably cover the story of French Queen Catherine de’ Medici in more detail. And although an exact release cannot be predicted, it is expected that fans need to wait patiently until mid or late 2023 to see the new season.


The Cast of The Serpent Queen Season 2


There’s no concrete information on who will appear in the upcoming second series nor did the showrunners reveal anything but we definitely want to see all the important characters reprising their roles including–


  • Samantha Morton plays the role of Catherine de’ Medici, Queen of France

  • Liv Hill in the role of Young Catherine

  • Amrita Acharia play the part of Aabis

  • Barry Atsma will be back as Montmorency

  • Enzo Cilenti will return as Cosimo Ruggeri

  • Sennia Nanua in the character of Rahima

  • Kiruna Stamell plays the character of Mathilde

  • Nicholas Burns portrays his role as Antoine de Bourbon

  • Beth Goddard in the role of Antoinette de Guise

  • Raza Jaffrey will reprise his role as François de Guise

  • Danny Kirrane in the role of Louis de Bourbon

  • Ray Panthaki will be back as Charles


Storyline Expectation For The Serpent Queen Season 2


As you now know the first season hasn’t finished airing and we possibly can’t foresee what may happen in the next season. But most likely, the story will continue from where it ended. Therefore, the first season’s finale will play a major part in leaving an opening for the second season. So since we haven’t seen the finale, it’s anybody’s guess for now. 


Stay tuned! 

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