The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5: Release Date, Cast, and More updates

Created by Scott Dunlop, ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ is an American reality-based TV series that premiered on February 22, 2011, on Bravo. The cast members for the rebooted series consists of Alexia Echevarria Nepola, Marysol Patton, Dr. Nicole Martin, Guerdy Abraira, Larsa Pippen, Lisa Hochstein, Julia Lemigova, Adriana de Moura, and Kiki Barth.


The fourth season was launched on December 16, 2021, and has a couple more episodes to be aired. In season four, viewers have so far witnessed Larsa and Scottie Pippen’s divorce battles that stirred dramas, an unusual yet interesting close bonding between Julia and Audriana to Alexia’s having to deal with her young son who doesn’t accept her fiance. Well in short a lot is going on in the current season.


But as the fourth season is coming to an end, fans of this series are marveling if they’ll get to watch more of the dramas unfold from the ladies in the possible upcoming fifth season.


The Bravo reality series is executively produced by Matt Anderson, Nate Green, Cooper Green, Maty Buss, Drew Hogl, Swaga Deb, and Andy Cohen.


Here’s everything you need to know about the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami.


Is The Real Housewives of Miami renewed for Season 5?


Right now, the series is to be renewed by Peacock. We might get an announcement soon from the showrunner about the fifth installment once season four wraps. Till then let’s practice the art of patience. 


The Release Date of The Real Housewives of Miami: When Is It Premiering? 


As stated above, the series has not been renewed at the moment. The decision falls upon Peacock whether to bring back the series for another installment or not. 


To put it, it’s uncertain for now as the show was already cancelled once after launching the third season and many believed that it ended for good. However, a second was given and RHOM returned with the fourth season and will be available for streaming on Peacock. “We’ve all been meeting and talking with Peacock, and there are always conversations about different Bravo IPs that could work on Peacock,” series executive producer Andy Cohen informed Variety. “And I was adamant that there is a sizable fan following for Miami Housewives who want it to return. I see what people want on Twitter, and that’s one of those programs that was always there.”


While no official air date has been published, we can only assume that if the series does get renewed new episodes won’t arrive until sometime in 2023.


The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 Plot: What would be the Storyline for ROHM Season 5?


Currently, it’s difficult to foretell the storyline. But once we get any new information about the fifth season, we will put it here.


However, it is obvious that viewers are always excited to see new dramas, and hopefully, the upcoming fifth season will do just that as this show is notoriously known for its dramas and entertainment which makes it fun and enjoyable to watch.


The Cast of The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5


We’re not exactly sure who will return in the fifth season of ROHM but the cast who appeared in the fourth season are Alexia Nepola, Larsa Pippen.

Lisa Hochstein, Guerdy Abraira, Julia Lemigova, and Nicole Martin so we expect these ladies to return in the forthcoming season as well. 


How Many Episodes Will the 5th Season of The Real Housewives of Miami Have?


It’s likely that the fifth season of ROHM will consist of fourteen episodes or more. Likewise, the fourth season has a total of fourteen episodes. 


The list of episodes for the fourth season are–


  • Episode 1: ¡Bienvenidos! Same Beaches, New Shade

  • Episode 2: Sushi Rolls and Wedding Woes

  • Episode 3: Painted with Pride

  • Episode 4: It’s Your Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

  • Episode 5: Family Therapy

  • Episode 6: Flirting at the Faena

  • Episode 7: Bling, Boobs and Bickering

  • Episode 8: Le Fin?

  • Episode 9: Hamptons Hangover

  • Episode 10: Looking for Trouble

  • Episode 11: Versace and Venom

  • Episode 12: No Wedding and a Funeral

  • Episode 13: Reunion Part 1

  • Episode 14: Reunion Part 2


Where do Watch The Real Housewives of Miami?


You can watch all the episodes of the previous seasons of ROHM accessible for free on the Peacock streaming service.

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