The Orville Season 4: What are the latest updates and news?

“The Orville” has been a massive success across its previous three seasons, turning from a Star Trek mockery to becoming one of the most popular science fiction shows on television after quite a while.


Well now that the third season, titled ‘’New Horizons’’, has concluded, what’s awaiting the squad of the USS Orville?


Here’s everything that is to know about season 4 of “The Orville.”


Will There Be a Season 4 of The Orville?: Is it Renewed or Cancelled? 


The sci-fi series has yet to be greenlit for a fourth run. 


In a chat with Decider, MacFarlane was asked if the series will continue further to which he responded, “That’s what we’re hoping for, too!”


However, as it stands it looks like it’s in the hands of Disney to decide what the future holds for the show. 


“It is. We dropped on Disney+ on August 10, which is very exciting. That’s going to hopefully expose the show to a whole new audience. And I think, really, that’s the biggest challenge with The Orville. When you sit down to watch The Orville and you give it a chance, I’m confident that it delivers,” MacFarlane told the outlet. 


He continued, “But, of course, it’s something so radically different. And when people do give it a chance and sit down to watch the show, they’re almost invariably surprised and caught off-guard. “Oh, wow, this is completely the opposite of what I thought it was going to be…in a good way!” And I think if we can get enough of those folks giving us a chance, the rewards will be in the form of a Season 4 and perhaps beyond. So it’s really in the hands of the audience. Because it is a business. The show is expensive to produce, it needs to justify its own existence with audience enthusiasm and viewership. So hopefully Disney+ will give us that chance.”


Release Date For Season 4 of The Orville


Because the show is yet to be renewed, there is no release date for the fourth season. But fans can look forward to the new episodes sometime in 2023.


The Cast of The Orville Season 4


  • Seth MacFarlane will play Captain Edward “Ed” Mercer

  • Adrianne Palicki plays Commander Kelly Grayson

  • Penny Johnson Jerald plays Dr. Claire Finn

  • Scott Grimes plays Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

  • Peter Macon plays Lieutenant Commander Bortus,

  • J. Lee plays Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr

  • Mark Jackson plays Isaac

  • Jessica Szohr playsLieutenant Commander Talla Keyali

  • Anne Winters plays Ensign Charly Burke 

  • Halston Sage portrays Lieutenant Alara Kitan


The Orville Season 4 Plot Details


Penny Johnson Jerald sat down with Winter Is Coming to discuss a bit about the show, playing alongside Jackson (Isaac), her character on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” wishes for a fourth run, and more!


“I am a firm believer in that The Orville cannot finish [with] season 3. I know the future episodes that are happening, and they’re standalone…but I don’t think fans will be satisfied…[they’ll say] ‘wait a minute, are you kidding me? I want to know what happens…’”


She continued: “As far as Claire is concerned, I would love to see how her children mature. They’re already big now, but it’s wonderful to see the development of the real future, and kids are our future. And so I think that storyline would be very important. And I would love to see some kind of…scientific discovery as far as diseases, and something like that would give someone hope. I mean, who knows, maybe we’ll say it and maybe it’ll happen? I would love to see something like that happen in the future for Claire.”


The actress further added, “I’m game to do as many seasons of The Orville that I can physically do. What can I say? I’m game.”

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