The Neighborhood Season 5: Release date, Cast and more updates

Are Cal and Dave really related as a family? Will Dave always get on Calvin’s nerves? Will Calvin ever forgive Dave for something that his ancestors did? Ugh, all of these unanswered questions seem to literally smash our brain cells into smithereens! 


But will The Neighbourhood TV show be renewed for a fifth season – or will it be cancelled? It will be so unfair if season 5 ain’t renewed though. Well, in this post, you can track the status of The Neighbourhood S5. Bookmark this page or subscribe to us – and thou shalt be updated about all the latest news and gossip! 


The Neighbourhood is an American comedy sitcom TV show that aired on CBS on Oct 1, 2018. It is created and illustrated by Rim Reynolds, the brain behind the story. The show revolves around a Midwestern family who moves to a predominantly black neighbourhood in Pasadena, California. Thus, it is about a story of a neighbourhood between a black and white family. Designed in a fun and engaging manner, this show has reaped hell lots of praises and appreciation from the critics and the fans! 


However, the major question is: will CBS renew or cancel The Neighbourhood Season 5? Will we get to see more of Cal’s and Dave’s differences and relatedness? Come along, let’s try and get a hang of the situation!

What Happens In The Neighbourhood Season 4? *Spoiler Alert* 

The Neighbourhood Season 4 premiered on Sept 20, 2021, on CBS. In season 4, we saw that Dave is conducting some kind of genealogical root test, which in turn, reveals that Dave and Cal are related as a family! Man, like how in the world is that even possible? Dave and Calvin – a family? What?! As astonishing as it sounds, the truth is: they are sixth cousins.


Calvin just couldn’t process the information and accept that Dave and he could be related together. Initially, denying the finding, when Aunt Desiray confirms Dave’s ancestry research, Calvin has to believe it! But will Calvin ever forgive Dave for this? 


It was uncovered that in the 19th century, a Butler impregnated a Johnson, who became Cal’s great-grandfather. Although none of this is Dave’s fault, Calvin is furious and Dave just feels guilty. However, Cal forgives Dave. Both of them make up eventually – because it’s absurd to punish Dave for something that his ancestors did long ago. He realises that Dave is a good man and has done a lot for the community.

When Will Season 5 Premiere: The Release Date?

After the debut, CBS announced that they have renewed the series for a second season, which aired on Sept 23, 2019. After a year, the third series was released on Nov 16, 2020. Likewise, the series was renewed again for the fourth season, which premiered on Sept 20, 2021. 


Adhering to the release date of the previous four seasons, it’s not difficult to reckon that there’s a pattern. Every season has a gap of a year. Consequently, we can say that perhaps we might get to see a similar pattern for the fifth instalment of The Neighbourhood! 


In January 2022, CBS announced the renewal for a fifth season. Here you go, fam! The Neighbourhood Season 5 will be released soon!!


Although there have been no official announcements from the production team or the star cast, we can’t quite anticipate the exact release date. However, going by the pattern of the previous releases, we can expect Season 5 to be released around September-November 2022. Whatever the scene is, we’ll keep you guys posted. Stay tuned!

Who Will Be Featured In Season 5: The Star Cast?

Since there have been no official updates, we can’t really tell who all will be featured in the next season. However, the main cast will most likely return. The show featured a stellar cast, which includes Cedric the Entertainer, Tichina Arnold, Hank Greenspan, Marcel Spears, Beth Behrs, Sheaun McKinney, and others. All of the actors and actresses did an amazing job, which resulted in the show becoming such a blockbuster hit all across the globe!


Also, there’s a possibility that new faces might be featured. So, let’s gear up and excitedly await the release of the next season together! Stay tuned for more such updates!

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