The Mighty Ones Season 4: Release date , cast and Plot

The Mighty Ones is an American Fantasy Comedy-drama animated TV series that debuted on November 9, 2020, on Peacock and Hulu. Developed by Sunil Hall and Lyness Naylor, the series follows the eponymous quartet, encompassing numerous twigs, apebble, a leaf, and a strawberry. 

It stars Josh Brener, Jimmy Tatro, Alex Cazares, Jessica McKenna, Janina Gavankar, Grey Griffin, and Fryda Wolff as the voice over artist. 

The mighty Ones is directed by Carder Scholin, Ben Bury (both also supervising), Nathan Bulmer, Erica Jones, and Greg Miller. 

The producers are Greg Miller and Paul Tibbitt in association with Sunil Hall, Lynne Naylor, and Greg Miller as executive producers. 

The production company behind the series is DreamWorks Animation Television. 

Cast of Mighty Ones Season 4?

As of now, Peacock entertainment has not announced any official confirmation regarding the renewal of the cast list of the series for the fourth installment. Thus, we don’t have the final cast list for the upcoming season of Mighty Ones. However, considering the leaks, updates and the finale episode of third edition, we might anticipate seeing some previous voice over artists to make a comeback. 

Some of the previous voice over artists are:

  • Josh Brener will voice as Twig
  • Jessica McKenna voice as Rocksy & Tim
  • Jimmy Tatro voice as Bucky “Leaf”
  • Alex Cazares voice as Very Berry
  • Janina Gavankar voice as Kensington
  • Grey Griffin will voice  Samosa & Percy the Pear
  • Fryda Wolff will voice Bats
  • Fred Tatasciore will voice Mr. Ladybug/Mr. Ladybüg, Rabbit, Jeff Berry, Prophetic Berry, Berry Patch, Matilda, Boppo, & Wheezy
  • Eric Bauza will voice Ben the Stinkbug, Uncle Berry, The Beast, and some additional voices
  • Stephen Root will voice Bernard
  • Kari Wahlgren will voice Shelly
  • Tru Valentino will voice David “Dave” & Carder
  • Steve Little will voice Dr. Clod
  • Erika Ishii will voice Lindsay
  • Keston John will voice Breht

Mighty Ones Season 4 Release Date?

As of September 2022, NBCUniversal Syndication Studios is yet to confirm the renewal of the upcoming season of Mighty Ones. Hence, we don’t have a specific release date for the series. Also, there has been no conclusive evidence of whether the series is under production or not. 

Therefore, the release date is unspecified, but if all goes as prearranged and production begins this year, Might one season four would start to premiere from summer of 2022 or early 2023. 

Mighty Ones: Where To Watch?

One can watch the first three seasons of Mighty Ones on Peacock and Hulu. Once the fourth instalment of the series will be renewed, it will star to stream on the same platform as well. 

Mighty Ones Season 4 Trailer?

As we discovered earlier in the article, the renewal of the fourth edition of Mighty Ones has not been announced by the Makers, as of now. Thus, NBC Universal will release the trailer of the series on time if it gets renewed. 

Usually, the trailer comes out a month or two before the premiere date of the series.

Let’s just wait for the makers to release it. Meanwhile, you may watch the trailer for the first three seasons of Mighty Ones on YouTube. 


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