The Law Cafe Season 2: When is it coming? Updates to know

Directed by Lee Eun-jin from a screenplay by  Im Ji-eun, “The Law Cafe” is a South-Korean legal romance drama series adapted from a very popular webtoon of the exact name. The drama series debuted in September 2022 and is still ongoing. 


The story follows Kim Jung Ho (Lee Seung Gi), a highly intellectual former prosecutor who turned into a proprietor. Meanwhile, Kim Yu-Ri (Lee Se Young) is an erratic lawyer who won a beauty contest in the past and holds the title “Miss Korea” for her beautiful face. Nevertheless, she turned out to quit the corporation and started operating her own law café. When she asks for information about a contract from her proprietor, she shortly discovers her old friend Jung-Ho is the proprietor.


If you’ve been earnestly binge-watching this K-drama, you may be interested to learn whether there’ll be a new season of this amazing series. 


So without wasting any more time, here’s what you need to know about “The Law Cafe” season 2  renewal status, release date, and more.


Will There Be a Season 2 of The Law Cafe?


Given the remarkable ratings so far, we certainly hope that the series returns with a second season. Although we can not be too sure as most Korean dramas tend to end the story in just a single season and we pray that it’s not the case with this drama as well. Nonetheless, the filmmakers must decide on whether they would want to extend the story in another season or not. But chances of the series returning in the future remain positive. 


Release Date For Season 2 of The Law Cafe


The drama series debuted on September 5, 2022, and is still airing. So as of this writing, Season Two of “The Law Cafe” is yet to be renewed. Hence, an official air date is not determined. But if the series gets renewed, the new episodes are expected to arrive sometime in 2023 or even in 2024.


The Cast of The Law Cafe Season 2


All the central characters are expected to reprise their roles if a second season is renewed. This includes– 


  • Lee Seung-gi play the part of Kim Jeong-ho

  • Lee Se-young in the role of Kim Yu-ri

  • Kim Nam-hee plays the role of Park Woo-jin

  • Ahn Dong-goo plays the character of Seo Eun-kang

  • Kim Do-hoon in the role of Bae Joon

  • Jang Hye-jin will play the role of Kim Cheon-daek

  • Baek Hyun-joo in the character of Mrs. Choi


Additionally, we can also expect to see new faces in the potential upcoming season of “The Law Cafe.”


The Law Cafe Season 2 Storyline Details


Because “The Law Cafe” is still ongoing there is no information or any update concerning the storyline for the second season. However, once the first season concludes we will see whether the finale episode leaves the door open to continue the story or if perhaps the filmmakers want to stretch the story a little bit further bringing a new season. Let’s wait patiently for now.

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