‘The Great’ Season 3: Release Date and All You Need To Know

If you have binge-watched the second season then you’re probably awaiting the third season of ‘The Great’ and guess what? The much-anticipated third season has been renewed by Hulu in January 2022.


Currently, there isn’t much information regarding the upcoming season but it’s safe to assume that the central characters Elle Fanning who plays Catherine the Great, and Nicholas Hoult in the role of Peter will return in the second season and continue to stir the plot.


Here’s everything you need to know about season 2 of ‘The Great.’


‘The Great’ Season 3 Release Date: When Is It?


Hulu is yet to announce the official release date of ‘The Great’ Season 3. Nevertheless, the second season was just renewed this January and so far nothing has been disclosed about filming schedules but we do know that the third season will comprise a total of ten episodes just like the previous two seasons. 


Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview, the series creator Tony McNamara disclosed that he doesn’t have any definite plan for how long the series can continue. “I know a whole bunch of events that are interesting that you can hang things on,” he explained. “At the moment, I try not to look too far ahead. At the end of season two, I didn’t quite know what season three was. I like not knowing what comes next. If you have a show with a great ensemble and a great bunch of characters, you can invent as you go for a while.”


As for the premiere date, viewers can expect the new episodes to be out somewhere in 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.


‘The Great’ Season 3 Plot: What Would Happen in Season 3 of ‘The Great’?


The second season was quite intense and dramatic. It’s expected that the story would pick up from where it was left off. This means that the third season will center on Catherine’s outburst after finding out that her husband slept with her mother then killed her off.


Catherine eventually forgives him publicly but later when she visited him she attacked him with a knife or at least that was what she thought but it turned out that it was her husband’s double Pugachev.


At the end of the first season we also witnessed that when Catherine learned that Peter was planning a coup, she had all of his supporters arrested including her close friend Mariel. The upcoming season will have many unexpected turns of events and viewers would also get to see more of their child Paul.


In a recent interview Elle Fanning revealed: “They have a kid and I don’t know how old that kid would be. I want the kid to be around. I think that would be interesting.”


The Cast of ‘The Great’ Season 3


Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great 

Nicholas Hoult in the role of Peter III

Phoebe Fox plays Marial

Adam Godley playsArchbishop “Archie”

Sacha Dhawan will play Count Orlo

Charity Wakefield will return as Georgina Dymova

Gwilym Lee will play Grigor Dymov

Douglas Hodge will portray General Velementov

Belinda Bromilow will play Aunt Elizabeth

Bayo Gbadamosi will play Arkady


Where Can I Watch ‘The Great’ Season 3?


Season 3 of ‘The Great’ will be available to stream on Hulu.

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