The Great Pretender season 3: Release date and all you need to know

The Great Pretender has grown to become one of the most-watched anime series on Netflix. Launched in June 2020 on Netflix for the Japanese audience, the anime was met with a warm critical reception. Even the viewers globally liked the anime for its visually appealing animation and solid characterization. The anime released its 23 episodes over some time from June 2020 to September 2021. Since the last season/case aired, fans are wondering whether the anime will return for a third run. Unfortunately, the creators have not officially greenlit the anime nor canceled it as of now. With that said, there is still hope that the anime will get a renewal. So, why is it that The Great Pretender Season 3 remains in the dark and when could we expect it? Is there even a season three or season two that marks the end of the anime? We have got all your answers, but make sure to read the blog till the end to find them out.

Release date for  Great Pretender Season three

The premiere date for season third of The Great Pretender is not known as of April, 2022. That said, we could make an educated guess about when it would arrive on the streaming platform. If the creators are quick to give it the go-ahead, we could see its future cases/episodes until the last quarter of 2022. But this is pure speculation, and nothing can be said with surety at this moment.

While The Great Pretender season three remains a mystery, we have plenty of time to revisit its previous seasons. International viewers may find all the parts on Netflix and enjoy the crime drama for nominal subscription fees.  Be careful to not look for the anime on Funimation and Crunchyroll as it is not available on these platforms.

The plotline of  Great Pretender Season three

Typically, animes draw out material content from manga series. However, it is not the case with The Great Pretender because the manga itself is based on anime. With that, it is still possible for The Great Pretender’s storyline to go in multiple directions. Web anime consists of story arcs that focus on one character at a time. The four-story arcs have introduced the audiences to Makoto Edamura, an accidental swindler, Laurent Thierry, a Frenchman who works as a gentleman thief, Abigail Jones, Laurent’s assistant, and Cynthia Moore as  Laurent’s connection. Edamura joins Laurent in his pursuits after the former tries to swindle him. The new partner’s plot against a film mogul, and a drug mafia. Overall, the anime includes interesting con stories, and characters. If a season three happens, fans could see more bluffs, frauds, and adventures on the way. 

On a hopeful note, Hiro Kaburagi has shown his interest in getting another chapter to The Great Pretender. In an interviewer, the director told that he is grateful for the support of the viewers worldwide. He added that seeing the overwhelming reactions of the fans was a satisfying experience for him. 

Casting Details for The Great Pretender Season three 

Who would be in the cast for The Great Pretender Season 3? This is an important question that every fan wants to know. But considering that things are under wrap for season three, revealing the exact casting details is not possible. Nevertheless, we should not miss out a chance to remember our favorite characters- Makoto Edamura, Laurent Thierry, Abigail Jones, Cynthia Moore, Dorothy, and Kim Si Won that have a fair possibility to return to the anime. Additionally, fans could see new characters popping up based on the storyline of season three. Like in the prior seasons, every new location introduces us to brand new faces, season four would be no different.

Trailer for Great Pretender Season three

Breathe! Because a trailer teaser will take a long, long while to release. But don’t forget to keep checking with us for more information and deets regarding the much-anticipated anime, The Great Pretender Season 3.

Also, tell us in the comment section below what you think of a possible Great pretender’s part three and its storyline. Stay tuned for more.


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