The Goldbergs Season 11 Release date: All you need to know?

ABC’s sitcom series is back with its tenth season which was unveiled on September 21, 2022, has everyone talking. The series is conceived by Adam F. Goldberg. It stars Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone, Troy Gentile, and Hayley Orrantia.


The show is being produced by Goldberg with Seth Gordon and Doug Robinson. “The Goldbergs” is inspired by Goldberg’s real story during his childhood and family in the 1980s, portraying his childhood form of himself. 


Throughout its run, the series has received so much love and support from the audience, and even though season ten just came out many are already wondering if the tenth season would be the final outing of the show. Here’s everything we know about season 11 of The Goldbergs.


Will There Be a Season 11 of The Goldbergs? 


ABC has yet to decide whether or not the series will be renewed for an eleventh season. And we know for a fact that season 10 is definitely not the last. 


“It’s been many chapters. [Laughs] You could take it into like little chunks of time, like the first four years, the next four years — it’s been a big part of our lives, obviously, but it feels really great,” series executive producer Alex Barnow told EW when asked how he feels to reach season 10. “I think we’ve come from sort of periods of exhaustion, doing 22 episodes a season, which is unusual [for shows] at this point. There have been times at the end of seasons where we’re like, “Oh my God, how are we going to keep going?” But this year especially, we feel really revitalized and excited about it. Stories are coming easily, and it’s been a good year so far.”


Chris Bishop added: [The Goldbergs has beeI running for] as long as the entire decade of the ’80s. It’s just super exciting for us, and we’re at the point where we’re going to need to give Ronald Reagan a third term.[Chuckle] The secret to the longevity of the show is that we have this sort of equal balance of comedy and heart, and we do these big, crazy comedic things set in the backdrop of this insane sort of day-glow decade. But we have this magical thing where, if we can ground it with the love of the family, it’s just this perfect balance. It’s special. We’ve been very lucky.” 


With that said, we pretty much expect that a new season will be announced soon.


The Goldbergs Season 11 Release Date


An official air date for season eleven of The Goldbergs is yet to be announced but if renewed, we predict that the show will return with a brand new season in September 2023. 


The Cast of The Goldbergs Season 11


The cast members expected to return in season 11 include–


  • Wendi McLendon-Covey plays Beverly Goldberg

  • Hayley Orrantia plays Erica Goldberg

  • Troy Gentile depicts Barry Goldberg

  • Sean Giambrone depicts Adam Goldberg

  • Sam Lerner plays Geoff Schwartz

  • Kenny Ridwan plays Dave Kim

  • Stephanie Katherine Grant plays Emmy Mirsky

  • Jacob Hopkins plays Chad Kremp

  • Jennifer Irwin portrays Virginia Kremp

  • Mindy Sterling portrays Linda Schwartz

  • Stephanie Courtney as Essie Karp

  • Sean Marquette plays Johnny Atkins

  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Principal Earl Ball

  • Matt Bush as Andy Cogan

  • Noah Munck plays “Naked” Rob Smith

  • Shayne Topp portrays Matt Bradley

  • Natalie Alyn Lind depicts Dana Caldwell

  • Sadie Stanley as Brea Bee


Where To Watch The Goldbergs?


All the precious seasons of The Goldbergs are available to each on Disney plus and Hulu.

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