The Future Diary Season 2: Release date, cast and all you need to know

Are the rumours about The Future Diary Season 2 true? Can we expect the second season any time soon? Well, come along, let’s try and figure out what the scenario is like!

The Future Diary Season 2: What’s the show about?

The Future Diary (Japanese: 未来日記, Hepburn: Mirai Nikki) is an epic psychological thriller anime that was released in 2011. It is a Japanese manga series, based on action, drama, mystery, thriller, romance, and fantasy – with psychology being the key component. 

The plot illustrates a Diary Game, a deadly battle between 12 different individuals, who can predict the future. The show is written and illustrated by Sake Esyno and was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten S Shōnen Ace (between January 2006 and December 2010). Ever since it has been collected into 12 tankōbon volumes. 

The Future Diary Season 2: Is the show renewed or cancelled? 

The debut season of the show was released back in 2011 and boy, was it a super hit! Fans loved the storyline and the fine execution of psychology and adventure. As for its renewal status, we do not know anything for sure, as of now. The makers of the show or the production team have made zero revelations as to whether or not the show will be renewed. 

Considering that it aired (literally) a decade ago, we do not know if there’s a probability that it might be renewed. Though the fans have been waiting eagerly for its release, there’s been no confirmation from the show makers. The show reached a global outreach and recently is again into community talk. Well, let’s just wait it out and hope that we do get a renewal!

The Future Diary Season 2: When’s the Release Date?

Rumours about The Future Diary Season 2 have been in the air for several years now. The first season that premiered back in 2011 reaped a lot of appreciation and praise for its incredible plot and storyline. 

However, the production team or the makers of the show haven’t come up with any official announcements or updates as to when the show is going to hit the screens. It is for sure that it will premiere on Netflix. But when we do not know.

As of now, we don’t even know if there exists a script. It is probable that the writer of the show might start writing again from where the story was left off. But again, any details regarding The Future Diary Season 2 is still under wraps. Besides, there have been rumours about a spin-off as well. 

In case we receive any updates, we will post ’em in our next article. Stay tuned!

The Future Diary Season 2: Who all are going to be featured in the star cast?

The show comprised a series of characters – however, the main lead roles are executed by three significant cast members. The entire plot revolves around Yukiteru Amano, the hero. He is undoubtedly the foremost character.

Second is the protagonist, Guno Gadai. It is because of her that the storyline witnesses all the twists and turns! The third most important character is Deus, the God of Space and Time. He’s the one to initiate the entire game to stave off the apocalypse. However, Netflix hasn’t released an official star cast list for The Future Diary Season 2. 

We can expect these three characters to return for the second instalment. As for others, Minene Uryu (the terrorist) and Keigo Kurusu (the police officer) might return. John Baccus might also be expected to be seen in the second instalment.

Until an official confirmation list is publicly released, we won’t know anything for sure. Stay tuned!

Future Diary Season 2: What can we expect from the plot?

Because there have been no public announcements regarding The Future Diary season 2, we can’t really deduce what might happen in the second instalment. Well, it’s for sure that if season 2 were to happen, it will commence from where the last season left off.

The Future Diary Season 2: is the promotional teaser out yet?

As the release date hasn’t been announced, the promotional teaser or trailer isn’t out yet. It will premiere after 2-3 months when the official release date of the show has been finalized. As soon as we get any information, we will update you guys. Until then, stay tuned for other potential news updates and gossip!

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