The Ferragnez Season 2 Release date: All you need to know

Prime Video officially announced the return of the original Italian show “The Ferragnez” starring Chiara Ferragni and Fedez for its second season. Banijay Italia will once again produce season two for Amazon Studios.


On June 30, 2022, Amazon Prime Video declared openly about the unscripted show’s return for season two. “The Ferragnez” new season will offer audiences a glance at the personal and professional lives of digital entrepreneur and fashion star Chiara Ferragni and universal artist Fedez, alongside their firstborn son Leone and second child Vittoria. 

“We are very proud of the great national and international success achieved by Season One of The Ferragnez – The Series, and of having the opportunity, with Season Two, to continue to tell the behind-the-scenes story of Chiara and Federico’s lives,” described Fabrizio Ievolella, CEO of Banijay Italia. “The strength of this series is its authentic, transparent, intimate, and unfiltered storytelling, which makes a reality that is in itself exceptional – the life of a couple constantly seeking a balance between continuous personal and professional challenges, and the enormous responsibility of being parents – feel normal.”


Following the positive audience reactions of the show, it’s no surprise why “The Ferragnez” was renewed for a second season. Here’s what we know about it.


When is The Ferrangez Season 2 Releasing?


The first season was launched on December 9, 2021, and consisted of eight episodes in total. Whilst a second season was only announced back in June 2022, no official release date was mentioned. But along with the announcement, it stated that season two of The Ferrangnez will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 nations and territories globally sometime in 2023.


“Season One of The Ferragnez was loved by our Prime Video audiences in Italy and around the world,” remarked Georgia Brown, President of European Originals, Amazon Studios. “With this new season, we continue our constant commitment and investment into the Italian creative industry, whilst giving Prime Video viewers a deeply authentic and emotional look inside one of the world’s most influential and iconic families.”


The Cast of The Ferraganez Season 2

The cast expected to return in season 2 are:


  • Chiara Ferragni

  • Fedez

  • Valentina Ferragni

  • Francesca Ferragni

  • Leone Lucia Ferragni

  • Marina Di Guardo

  • Tatiana Berrinzaghi

  • Franco Lucia

  • Luca Vezil


What Can We Expect in Season 2 of The Ferrangez?


There is no specific details on what the fans can expect but Chiara did say, “I hope the second season of this series, which is so intimate for us, can be an example to all those who, through therapy, are trying to improve themselves and their relationship as a couple.”


She continued: “We want this to be a social experiment, as well as an experiment in TV, where we try to lay bare our most private and spontaneous human aspects, which are also made of weaknesses and personal challenges.”


“I hope this second season will inspire people much like the first one, in which we tried to normalize the themes of psychoanalysis and therapy, as it also coincides with a very significant moment in our lives,” Fedez further added. “I am happy I have the chance to make people who have lived the same experiences I have gone through feel less alone, and I hope this will somehow encourage them to face the future.”

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