‘The Family Business’ Season 5 to return? Check official details here!

Developed by Carl Weber, ‘The Family Business’ is an American crime and family drama series that is an adaptation of the original bestselling crime drama book series by the same name. Produced by BET, the show stars several actors including Ernie Hudson, Valerie Pettiford, and Armand Assante. The series focuses on the life story of a business family known as the ‘Duncans’ who are in charge of all the unique car dealerships in the city of New York.

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‘The Family Business’ Season 5 Renewal Status

The streaming platform BET has not yet officially renewed the crime drama series. However, the show’s writer Carl Weber has announced that they have already completed almost 40% of the show’s 5th season and that it will definitely be back very soon. Carl Weber posted on Facebook and announced that the show has been ‘almost 40%’ completed and it will soon begin to air. The caption read:

“Hey Hey! Well as you all know It’s been a while and I have to admit I miss you folks. I’ve been hibernating and working overseas while the writers were on strike. Now I’m just waiting and hoping the Actors settle so I can get back to work on Family Business TV show: we were about 40% finished with new season when things went to hell!!!! Speaking of Family Business the first 4 season will now be airing on Netflix’s, Kudos to BET for making that happen. Also Black Hamptons new season will air on BET+ December 7th and I’m real excited about that. Well have a great morning and look for my next post in the next few days.

All the best

Your Boy Carl Weber

‘The Family Business’ Season 5 Release Date

Neither the creator nor the streaming network has announced the official release date for ‘The Family Business’. Looking at the previous pattern, it can be understood that since season 3 and season 4 were released sometime in October itself, we should have gotten season 5 in October 2023 as well. If wasn’t for the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ SAG-AFTRA strike, ‘The Family Business’ Season 5 should have been very well released in the month of October or even November, latest.

But the strike has delayed the filming process which in turn has delayed the release date. Fans can expect the season to get released in 2024. Fingers crossed for the same!!

‘The Family Business’ Season 5 Returning Cast Members

The showrunners have not released an official list consisting of all the returning cast members, but fans expect the following actors to reprise their roles:

  • Ernie Hudson in the role of L.C. Duncan

  • Valerie Pettiford will return as Charlotte Duncan

  • Armand Assante will be seen as Sal Dash

  • Darrin Henson will be back as Orlando Duncan

  • Emilio Rivera will portray the role of Alejandro Zuniga

  • Yadi Rivera will be seen playing as Consuela Zuniga

  • Carlos Sotelo in the character of Miguel Zuniga

  • Javicia Leslie will play Paris Duncan

  • Miguel A. Núñez Jr. in the character of Harris Grant

  • Tami Roman will return as London Duncan-Grant

  • Arrington Foster will play Rio Duncan

  • KJ Smith will reprise as Sasha Duncan

  • Dylan Weber will return as Nevada Duncan

  • Clifton Powell in the role of Uncle Lou Duncan

  • Kimberly Patterson will portray Ruby

  • Michael Jai White plays Vegas Duncan

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